19 Things You’ll Experience Your First Year at CBS (in GIFs)

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1. Frantically searching for the right lecture room in Dalgas Have’s demonic maze of ill-labelled classrooms.

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2. Student Society Day means free coffee. Free coffee everywhere.

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3. Running late for a lecture due to DSB’s refreshingly alternative approach to logistics.

200_dsbSource: Giphy

4. Standing with your nose in an armpit on the overcrowded Metro.

tumblr_n77tljAxdo1sxjo6yo1_500Source: Giphy 

…and trying desperately not to make eye contact, because that’s how the Danes roll. 

5. Arriving late to class after spending half the morning trying to find a spot for your bike.

giphy_lateSource: Giphy 

6. Entering Solbjerg Library, only to realize you’ve forgotten to book a study seat.

lookingforseat Source: Giphy 

7. Somehow managing to find an empty study seat, only to find it’s been booked.

giphy_noSource: Giphy 

 Always too good to be true.

8. Removing some peasant who thinks they can steal the study seat that YOU booked.

giphy_hell noSource: Giphy  

9. The Traditional Annual E-Campus Administrative Clusterfuck.

giphy_angrySource: Giphy

 Usually around late October, right when first-quarter grades are out! : D

10. Freaking out with your classmates over your first closed-book exam.

giphy_anchormanSource: Giphy

11. Responsibility Day – ’nuff said.

giphy_oprahSource: Giphy


12. Walking into the urine-soaked dungeon that is the unisex Nexus bathrooms on a Thursday night.

200_restroomsSource: Giphy

13. Heading straight to Nexus from your last Thursday lecture.

giphy_lindsey Source: Giphy

14. Heading straight to your Friday morning lecture from Nexus.

giphy_hungoverSource: Giphy 

15. CBS’ inability to provide their students with the exact time of their oral exams. 

giphy_kimkardashSource: Giphy

You just get like, a four-hour time frame in which it may be scheduled, and then you have to sit in a room and wait anxiously with each other until it’s your turn. All the groups try to make awkward small talk with each other. Seriously, it’s the worst.


16. That guy whose phone always starts ringing mid-lecture.

giphy_shutupSource: Giphy

17. New semester means new subjects. New subjects means new textbooks. New textbooks means spending your entire monthly food budget on a book titled, “The Company in its Historical and International Setting: A Discourse on Capitalistic Development and its Economic and Historical Theories.”

giphy_foodSource: Giphy

That book must be priced by the number of syllables in its title.

18. Getting lost from your friends at the Nexus Semester Start Party, but finding someone to hook-up with in the process.

giphy_lostSource: Giphy

19. Learning how you can apply your newly acquired business knowledge in the real world…

giphySource: Giphy

… and meeting the friends with whom you’ll band together to conquer the world of entrepreneurship!

source: giphySource: Giphy

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