3 Useful Free Apps You Need!

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Smartphones have been welcomed and embraced by our society so much that there are more apps than birds in the sky… But not all of these are useful and needed. In this article I’d like to review three great, personally tested apps.

Jango Radio


Jango is an online radio app. It allows you to search for specific genres or artists that you’d like to listen to or it suggests some common genres and themes that you can pick. After you have found the artist/artists, Jango plays music by the artist that you have chosen and other artists like him. In this way the listener gets to explore new music. If the user hears something they like they can click on a “Thumbs Up” button and the artist’s music will play more often. There is also a “Thumbs Down” button, for the artists the user does not want to listen to again.

Jango is a great way for independent artists to put their music out there.  Every once in a while it is announced that the next artist is an independent artist and the app wants your opinion about their music.
I have personally found a lot of really cool new artists that I’ve come to love through Jango, so if you are a music lover, like me, you should definitely check it out!



We all know the feeling of drowning in things we need to do. Any.Do helps the user organize tasks and to-do lists. Whether it’s a specific task to be done that day or it’s something you want to do someday, you can type it all in. The amount of tasks that have to be completed on the day will be shown as a notification on the Any.Do logo and if you are not done with them by that day it will still be there the day after. I don’t know about you, but I tend to get annoyed by those little red dots on my iPhone desktop and will do anything to get rid of them! It is also a great way to remember that there are things you need to do.

Any.DO allows you to integrate your tasks/to-do lists with the calendar so that you can plan ahead. One of its amazing functions is that you can tell it what you want done instead of typing it in. You can organize your tasks into themes and arrange exactly when they need to be done. You can add contacts or a document to a task. You can also highlight the tasks that absolutely need to be done by the indicated time.
After you have completed the task you can simply cross it out and feel the relief wash over you. Whether you have problems with organizing your readings or your shopping list, Any.DO will make your life more manageable!

Dagens App (The App of the Day)

dagens app

Dagens App allows you to download one paid app per day for free. Every single day it notifies you that a new app is available for the next 24 hours. You go in and read about the app that is offered that day, and if it is something that you want, you can download it for free. Dagens App shows you how much it costs originally and on the top left corner it sums up how much money you have saved by summing the prices of the apps that you have downloaded.

The apps are not expensive usually (around 12 kr), but when you look at the summed price you’ll see that you have actually saved up some money.


Hopefully these apps will be useful additions to your list. If not, no harm done, they are free so you can delete them with no damage to your budget.

NB. These apps are both for IPhone and android users.

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