5 Craft Beer Bars in Copenhagen You May Not Know

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To all specialty beer fans. Here’s a selection of 5 craft beer bars in Copenhagen you may not know. They are spread out through the city, but all have something very special in their own way to offer.

TAP 10


The first craft beer bar in Copehagen that I would like to mention is located in the heart of Østerbro, this craft beer bar is infamous for carrying craft beers from the Nordic region. As the place’s name suggests, there are 10 taps that are constantly being changed. The place has a very relaxed environment, and the staff is very friendly. Tie it together with a sauna session at  Øbro-Hallen, you can’t go wrong. If you’re into specialty beers, and would like to get a taste of what’s happening on the beer front of Nordic countries, then make sure to try their taster offer which includes five beers.

Kølsters Tolv Haner


The place is spacious, and has a very airy, relaxed vibe. In my opinion one of the most comfortable and well designed of all the bars. In the summer they have a huge outdoor section so you can sit out in the sun and enjoy a nice cold beer. If the weather is not nice enough, there is always plenty of room inside, and my favourite part is that they have a record player which can be used by guests at the bar. Kølsters Tolv Haner also offers a taster which includes a sample of eight different beers.



This bar is also among one of my favourite places to go to for specialty beers. Located right beside CPH’s party district, Kødbyen, makes it the best place to buy some tasty beers before a night of prolonged drinking. One characteristic that makes this place special above the other sterile craft beer bars is the pungent aroma of beer yeast that hits your nostrils. It adds an aura of authenticity to the place, you almost feel like you’re stepping into a bar that’s been around for 100 years. This bar also brews their own beer. If you enjoy having a crisp, blonde beer (as I do), than this might be one of the best beers you’ll have in CPH.

Søernes Ølbar


If you ever find yourself walking along the lakes towards Østerbro, than definitely hit this place up. Nicknamed “The Beer Bar of the Lakes”, the place has 20 different types of beer on tap, and almost 100 different types of bottled beer. In the summer, there is no better experience than sitting by the lake, enjoying the scenery and a pint of cold beer. That being said, the inside of the place also has very unique Copenhagen style with brick walls, wooden furniture and old school signs.



Found right around the corner from Grand Teatret, this bar is the perfect place to grab a cold one and have in-depth conversations about some more serious movies. This craft beer bar offers more than 60 different types of beers, and being one of the only places in town with a variety of Czech beer, automatically puts it on the top ten list for me. This establishment also has an older brother called Ølbaren and is located on Elmegade. Also a nice place, with a good selection of beers.

Kihoskh (not a craft beer bar, doesn’t count)


Although this place is not a craft beer bar, it is still well worth mentioning. Located in Vesterbro, this kiosk has decided to specialize in selling craft beer bottles from many different places. This place has such a wide selection of beer that it might be the biggest collection in CPH. They always have a couple of picnic benches standing outside, which makes it another place to relax and enjoy beers during the summer. Like Fermentoren, it is situated very close to Kødbyen, making it another perfect place to predrink before a night of wild partying.

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