5 nightclubs worth visiting in Copenhagen

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Wondering where to spend your night out? Are you in the mood for dancing and want to shake it to the rhythms of hip-hop, R’n’B, electronic or commercial dance music, but don’t know where to find it? We compiled a list of 5 night clubs worth visiting in Copenhagen.

This guide gives you an overview of the Copenhagen nightclubs that are on the lips of everybody. Well-know nightclubs such as Vega, Park or the infamous Zen always deliver when it comes to having a good night out. But to spend the night where the fresh, young Copenhageners go out, you should continue reading.


Rust has been around for many years. After the tragic fire of 2008, it was reopened with a new vibe and classic Nørrebro feel. Rust is famous for the variety of its concerts by known and lesser known artists. On any given night you could hear folk, hip hop, soul, dup-step or reggae. Legendary local DJ Typhoon runs the club every Saturday night spinning the sounds of classic r’n’b and hip hop tracks. Other star DJs including Moby, Booka Shade, and Justice have played at Rust make sure to always keep an eye out for their calendar.

Rust is big with 3 floors. The Bassment is located in the basement where the music varies depending on who is running the night. The main-floor is also dominated by various music styles except on Saturdays. The top floor is the lounge-area where you are allowed to smoke without being sent outside.


Guldbergsgade 8 – Nørrebro

Entre fee: 50 kr. (can vary depending on the night)

Opening hours: 21-05 Wednesday – Saturday

Mail: Info@rust.dk

Phone: 35245200

Web: Rust.dk

Facebook site: Rust natklub

Drink not to miss: The cheap 15 kr. Beer in Bassment



Culture Box must be the most popular place in Copenhagen when it comes to electronic music. Trentemøller has played many secret guest appearances there. Despite his status as a famous DJ, many unknown and upcoming DJs are often to found behind the DJ-pult.

Culture Box was founded in 2005 and they specialize in electro, dubstep, techno, drum’n’bass and house. The 350 square foot, two floor club has a raw interior and serves drinks in the higher price range.


Kronprinssesgade 54 – Copenhagen K

Entre fee: 70 kr. (can vary depending on the night)

Opening hours: Friday and Saturday 21-05

Mail: Info@Culture-Box.com

Phone: 33325050

Web: Culture-Box.com

Facebook site: Culture Box

Drink not to miss: Scorpions Brain (gin and basil)


Do you want to get the best drinks in town for a decent price? Then Zefside is the place for you. Placed in the old town of Copenhagen a wide crowd is represented at Zefside.  You can see businessmen drinking a Friday-beer and later the young and fresh Copenhageners arrive. It’s not the biggest place in town, but the bartenders are always on their toes and do indeed participate in the party with swinging light balls and bass arms in the air.

The music usually starts out with light Electronica and later during the night the classic Dance chart tracks will be taking over.


Frederikholms kanal 4 – 1220 – Copenhagen K

Entre Fee: Free

Opening hours: Thursday 20-04, Friday 16-04, Saturday 20-04

Mail: Info@Zefside.dk

Phone: 26279188

Web: zefside.dk

Facebook site: Zefside

Drink not to miss: Jar (Strawberry drink served in a jar. Big and tasty)


Many are probably familiar with the meat packing district (Kødbyen) where many good restaurants, bars and clubs are located. Bakken is one of the more recent places established and experiences great success. People are low-key and you can show up in whatever clothing you feel like. Quite often you can experience live music at Bakken and Thursdays are usually the punk night. Local hotshot DJ’s such as Kasper Bjørke and Djuna Barnes play on a regular basis.

People are young and most definitely ready to shake it. The place can quickly become crowded due to its popularity. The music genre varies a lot but it is always high tempo and good for dancing. The people behind Bakken are the same as the ones who own Dyrehaven, a minor bodega, so the surroundings are raw and black with the classic white tiles known for the meat packing district. Beers and drinks are priced fairly.


Flæsketorvet  17-19 – Copenhagen Vesterbro

Entre fee: Free

Opening hours: Friday and Saturday 18-04

Mail: info@bakkenkbh.dk

Web: bakkenkbh.dk (not much to look at)

Facebook site: Bakken (Two facebook sites are called Bakken. Look for the one without the clown)

Drink not to miss: Gin and Tonic

Enjoy – Mads / MusikDJ

KB 18

if you’re into boogieing until the break of dawn, this is the place you gotta go. Technically the place is open from 6am but you can expect the parties to go until at least 8am. KB 18 has a relaxed, grungy, graffiti filled, environment with several places to sit down and chill. International Djs playing all sorts of electronic music (mainly Deep/Techno/House) are invited to play, and sometimes there are bands playing as well. Definitely a place worth visiting if you still have energy to dance and are in Meat Packing after closing hours.


Kødboderne 18, 1714 København V (Meat Packing District)

Entre fee: 100 kr.

Opening hours: Friday and Saturday 18:00 – 6:00

Mail: ukh102@gmail.com

Phone: 33313933

Web: kb18.net

Facebook site: KB 18

Drink not to miss: Club Mate and Vodka

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