We are CBS’s blog meant to serve students everywhere and our goal is to report on anything relevant to our university and this city we call home. As students, we believe that we have a right to know what’s going on, and since CBS is full of international students, we write only in English.

We have divided our site into several sections in order to provide a better overview of what we are all about:

ON CAMPUS  focuses on every event and opportunity that CBS has to offer its students. This can be events like wine tastings, panel debates, case competitions, CBS elections – the list is endless as there is always something going on at CBS!

OFF CAMPUS seeks to do the same, but for Copenhagen as a whole. And, because Copenhagen can be a hard city to navigate if you’re newbie, CBSLife also provides basic how-to GUIDEs on all topics relevant to anyone starting at university.

Take a look at the EXCHANGE category to read fun reports from CBS students who have been abroad for a semester.

Looking for opinion pieces, on topics such as rascism, blanking, our education system, hot dating apps and the like, then click on DISCUSS. 

Under CHECK OUT you’ll find our recurring series called Copenhagen’s Treasures, where our bloggers provide you with insider knowledge about all cool bars, yummy restaurants, cafés, clubs, you name it, in Copenhagen.

A blog is not complete without a FASHION section; here you will find weekly “Style Spotted at CBS” articles – a series in which our fashion bloggers spot great style at CBS (so if you’re well dressed, this could be you!), as well as other interesting articles about fashion.

With a conversational, yet straight forward tone, we guarantee that after reading our blend of insightful commentary and reporting, you’ll be pretty damn prepared to make the most of your time at CBS.