All In Once Again: An Inside Review of One of CBS’s Many Ski Trips

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The Journey

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation when we gathered in the foyer of Kilen, waiting for the commencement of the IB/IBP 2012 Ski Trip to Tignes. For many of us, it was our first college ski trip and everyone had been looking forward to the coming week of skiing and partying as well as meeting new friends and hanging out with old ones. We departed around 5pm and after filling the bus with supplies from the ferry from Denmark to Germany, the partying began. Movies, games, and stories were among the things that kept us occupied during the journey. And finally, after 24 hours of driving, we arrived in the French Alps.


We were all staying in the Tignes UCPA youth hostel, which acted as a dorm. The rooms were small with two bunk beds each and most found it a challenge to keep the floor clear of luggage with little storing space to tuck them away. This was a rather discouraging discovery considering we were planning on making many tour des chambres and soirees in them. But where there is a will, there is a way and somehow we managed to fit more than twenty people into the shoebox rooms. We also quickly learned that the window frames could be used as cooling minibars and the balconies as deep freezers.


UCPA served us three meals a day and all were considerably impressive with the exception of breakfast. We woke up to a small selection of cereals and yogurts as well as a bounty of baguettes, which was more than a little disappointing to the hungover and hungry skiier. However, lunch and dinner were both full spreads with a complete and varied salad bar, a wide assortment of cheeses, several hot dishes, and more baguettes. The only other complaint many had about the dining room was that access to the juice, coffee, and tea machines was shut off after breakfast. However, it was more than accepted to BYO to the later day meals whether that meant soda, wine, or beer.


We couldn’t believe how big, beautiful, and impressive the mountains were. Checking cameras, we found that many had taken more than thirty photos of nothing but mountains.  The slopes were fantastic. Before coming on the trip, we were to elect whether or not we wanted to participate in full day or half-day lessons with a certified ski instructor. For the price of 5,000 dkk, it was a steal. Ski classes were made according to ski levels so everyone felt comfortable and could learn without stalling their groups. There were also plenty of runs to choose from so everyone could find a slope to match their skill level. The reviews were all positive and many of the more experienced skiers raved about Tignes as a world-class skiing area, especially if you enjoy off piste.


IBs and IBPs know how to party. Every evening we pre-gamed in our rooms and then moved on to the bars of Tignes, all conveniently located about a five minute walk from the hostel. The most popular ones were Couloir Bar where you were guaranteed to see people dancing on tables and a dance club called The Melting Pot. Many also visited the infamous day club the La Folie Douce. Every night was crazy, but some of the most memorable evenings were the pub crawl and the idols theme night where everyone went out on the town in costumes. There were a few people who could not take the intensity and who choose to go home early some nights so they could endure skiing the next day, however, many were impressively keeping up with the theme of skiing all day and partying all night, even by the end of the week.

A Great Success

We were never in doubt that the IB/IBP Ski Trip 2012 would be a great success. The skiing and partying led to many funny stories and favorable memories. Friends were made and bonds tied closer. Certainly many will sign up for next year’s trip and if you haven’t participated in one yet definitely go for it. It’s not an experience worth missing.

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