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The new semester is about to begin, so chances are that you are going to need some gadgets to work with and sweeten your life a bit as you start feeling the weight of the college workload. To help, here is a list of must have gadgets for students as well as a few options so you can find something that appropriately matches your budget.


You can’t really go through university without a laptop. You are going to need it for everything you do from writing assignments, logging into e-campus, checking emails, to being on Facebook. Make sure it has a proper size keyboard and look for one with a screen size between 13” to 15,4”. You want to consider the trade-off between screen size and weight as you are going to carry it to and from school all the time. Another thing to consider is battery life. Fortunately, many computers can now last a full day’s work, which relieves you from carrying a charger with you everywhere you go.

There is no denying that CBS students have a thing for Apple products. MacBooks are everywhere so if you want to blend in with the masses, a MacBook is a good option. Although expensive, they do work really well and CBS students even get a special 12% discount in Apple’s online education store.

If you are not a fan of apple products or don’t have the money, no worries. There are plenty of other computers on the market, which are just as good for web browsing and writing papers. If money is not a problem, check out the Samsung 9 series computers. They are stylish and pack some series processing power. However, if what you want is value for money then look to Acer, Sony, HP, and Lenovo. Although they might not be made from aluminium, they are solid all-round machines that will get the job done.


If you don’t have s smartphone already then you should consider getting one for school. It can be extremely helpful for checking emails, schedules, Facebook, buying train tickets, searching Google, and many other amazing things. One of the biggest benefits is the built in GPS. I got my first smartphone when I moved to Copenhagen and without it I would be lost all the time. Another thing I used a lot was its ability to set up a Wi-Fi connection to my computer. For the first six months, it was my only Internet connection besides the school’s Eduroam and I thought it worked really well. Just make sure you have plenty of data in your subscription.

Obviously there are many smartphones on the market to choose from with a war going on between Apple’s IPhone and Android. If you have a Mac, then I might recommend an IPhone because they work well together and again Apple products are popular at CBS. However, Android phones are cheaper than the IPhone and the difference in specifications are minimal. In some aspects, Android phones are even better than the IPhone. Samsung and HTC especially have some really good phones on the market.

If you want to save money then consider buying last year’s model. You can get them at half the price  they are still in good order. I recommend looking at the Samsung Galaxy S2.


This is a must have for students. Yes, you can print from the school’s printers, but you can be sure that the day you desperately need to print 15 minutes before a deadline there is going to be a line longer than Disneyland and you will not make it in time. You don’t need to buy an expensive printer. There are many low priced ones on the market that will get the job done just fine so I recommend you buy one and save yourself the stress from not having anywhere to print.

Alarm clock

Now this may sound a bit silly, but being at CBS you are managing your own time so if you have trouble getting up in the morning this could be a good investment. I know you can just set the alarm on your phone, but too many times have I woken up with the phone lying in my bed, switched off because I know how to do it in my sleep. You should get an extra loud one that you put as far from the bed as possible so that you actually have to get out of bed in order to switch it off.

Other things you are going to need could be a bike, calculator (one that is allowed by the school), and a thermo mug so you don’t need to go to the cantine for coffe while you study in the library.

Hopefully, this list can help you figure out what you need for school, but remember not to blow your budget. After all, you don’t want to take out loans just to get right gadget.

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Stefan Dam Andreasen is currently on his third year of his B.Sc. in International Business and one of the original founders of CBSLife. He is very active, engaging in multiple student organizations such as FinanceLab, CBS Students, IB Union as well as CBSLife. One of his big goals is to report on activities by other student organizations in order to make their hard work visible, making it easier as a student to keep track of relevant organizations and activities.

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