Best Phone, Internet, and TV Options for Students

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Regardless of where you end up staying for your next 3 years, you will more than likely need a telephone, an internet connection and possibly a television bundle so you don’t stare at static on the screen all day. When first arriving, it is recommended to get a phone as soon as possible as most phone companies in Denmark offer large enough amounts of data to cover your internet usage until you get a place sorted out.


The cell phone market in Denmark is full of competition, and as you will learn in class, competition is good for consumers. This means in Denmark the prices are basically the same, but the specifics of the plans are different. The important thing for you is that the phones comes Sim-card unlocked, meaning you can buy a phone at one store and then sign up for a plan at another. Just make sure not to get the price with “abonnement”, that’s the one you pay if you sign up for the contract. Some places try to hide that price, others display it proudly; it all depends on the place that has the phone you want. The three major companies are TDC, Telenor and Telia

Some other possible phone companies are;

If you are using a phone from abroad, then as long as you are connected to the internet you can you apps like Whatsapp (free wifi text messaging) or Viber (free calling and texting with wifi) to connect with people anywhere in the world. Not to mention Skype and Facebook. But remember, although CBS, buses, and many cafes have free wifi for you to connect to, it’s still wise to have a viable phone option that you can always be reached on, even if that’s a cheap simple pay as you go phone.


The ISP’s are a lot similar to the cell phone market, simply because there is a lot of carryover in companies. The huge number of providers then is nice because not only do you pay less, but you also get better speeds than most elsewhere in the world. The 3 major ISP’s are just the same as the 3 major cell phone providers; TDC (largest), Telenor and Telia. The difference with internet is that these 3 companies own the cables that connect you to the internet, with TDC owning the most. This means that usually the prices for these 3 will be cheaper than the others, with the one that owns the last leg of the connection to your apartment being likely the cheapest.

Major internet providers

If you’re not in the market for an internet provider, you can use, as aforementioned, a hotspot from your phone to hook your computer up to a connection and then aim for wifi in most other places. This does each up a lot of your data plan and can be quite slow, especially if you’re watching a lot of videos.


Since TV is provided by all the same companies who provide your internet, most times you will order a package from whoever you decide to get your internet from. If you don’t watch a lot of TV, it might make sense to just skip the TV package and just get the web-tv service many of the companies provide.

DR License

In Denmark, the Channel DR (both on Television and Radio) is a public station, meaning you have to chip in roughly 200 kr. a month to keep it going if you have a TV, an Internet Connection or a Radio. You can sign up at or if you don’t have the time, they will call you eventually and ask you nicely to sign up.

This article was published and written by Erik Thompson, a member of the International Business Integration Union. IB Union consists of a group of students dedicated to helping students from abroad transition to life in Copenhagen. You can find out more about them at here or on the IB Union Facebook page.

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