Birthday Party of the Century

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Walking into the CBS Students office, there’s always a certain buzz going on. Things being arranged, people having meetings and talking all around.

Currently, a bunch of them are buzzing over one major thing; the big 100 year event, held on the 20th of May.

Many hours have gone into planning the all-day event, which includes both an academic event and a giant party, all taking place in the beautiful setting of DR’s Koncerthus. The bar was set high from the beginning, having Obama as the keynote speaker as a goal for the academic event. Obama sadly won’t make it, but they have a team of speakers that is close to being just as cool, from Nobel Peace Prize winning John Robinson to businessman Morten Albæk. The same goes for the party, where they managed to get Phlake as the main act, but cool names like Katie Keller, Emil Kruse and Av Av Av will also be stopping by.


Via: CBS Students

The intention behind the event has been to create an event that will be enjoyed by every single CBS student, regardless of study, age, and interests. The day will focus on something that touches us all; what is going to happen in the next 100 years? Now, 100 years into the future may seem quite incomprehensible, which is why CBS Students have also made sure there will be short-term gains from the event as well. In the break, there will be a possibility to mingle with their sponsors and perhaps land a cool job or just extend your network. Likewise, there will be plenty of opportunities to get inspired for your bachelors or masters thesis with all the topics that are brought up in the panel debate.

At the party, there will also be a chance to get some new acquaintances with the 2500(!) tickets that have been put up for sale. This means that the party will be bigger than the semester start party (and that there actually will be room for everyone). The set up is quite distortion-y, with 4 different scenes that you can change between as you please. Each scene will have a different genre of music, so there is a possibility to bust a move regardless of how your taste in music is put together. On top of all that, CBS Students have promised student friendly prices in the bar!


Via: CBS Students

Summed up, this will be an entire day for us students only, where you can learn, chill with your friends and go to the biggest party CBS has ever seen. What are the reasons not to go, you ask? I’m yet to find out.

Much more information can be found here, where tickets are also available. Get yours before the ticket sale closes on the 11th of May at midnight!

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Mette is a second year BSc SOC student. She has an unhealthy obsession with pineapples and can be recognised by having her friends scare away pigeons on her ventures around Copenhagen, as she is deadly afraid of them.

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