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You are new in Copenhagen or Denmark and you’re looking for these insider hints to the hidden secrets in town, or the first assignments are due, and you spend too much time in the library and are desperately in need for distraction on the web other than Facebook, or perhaps you simply love reading blogs, especially when they are about the beautiful city in which we live. Then it’s time to discover five of Copenhagen’s most hyped blogs.

Since 2009, Sandra has been blogging about almost anything she comes across in Copenhagen every day. This blog is a treasure chest of places, events and things to do in our city. Especially the section “Visiting CPH” is really helpful in case you have friends visiting you, as it will give you all the practical information about transport, music venues and city guides you have been searching for. With a good eye for great photographic moments, this blog will help you discover new unseen spots of Copenhagen, which you might have overlooked in the rush of a business student’s life.

Check out if: you want to know what’s going on in the city, while avoiding the typical tourist spots.

For all the bike lovers out there: to copenhagenize has become the official verb for making a city more friendly for cyclists by improving bike lanes and traffic signs for bicycles. The Copenhagenize blog exactly deals with this issue. Celebrating Copenhagen’s unique bicycle culture, the blog also evaluates critically how streets and traffic could be improved to enforce the use of bikes and make the city a place for people, not for cars.

Check out if: cycling is your new religion. Or at least you worship your bike more than any other means of transport.

More bikes! This blog is the fashionable equivalent to copenhagenization and portrays the people of Copenhagen in what they can do best: looking good while riding a bike. Named by the Guardian as “the Sartorialist on two wheels”, filmmaker and photographer Mikael Colville-Andersen invented the concept of “cycle chic” in 2006 when he started taking photos of normal people with interesting outfits who he saw cycling in the streets. The concept quickly spread to other cities, but it was Copenhagen where it all started.

Check out if: you want to learn how to look good on a bike despite the lousy fall weather.

Under the slogan “cooler than your lame-ass city since 1167” this beautiful tumblr presents another blog project by Colville-Andersen. If you’re tired after reading too many books for lectures, this blog is perfect for some visual distraction. With photos and snapshots of beautiful, funny and interesting things and places all over the city, it will definitely make you smile and maybe see the city we live in with new eyes.

Check out if: studying has made you too tired to read and you’re only able to enjoy the visual beauty of Copenhagen.

Although looking more like a tumblr, consisting only of images and very short text, this blog has caused a lot of stir in the international blogosphere and introduced the Danes to blog readers all over the world as slightly exhibitionist, but charmingly crazy people with a wild taste and a love for the unusual. The two Copenhageners Sine and Kristoffer describe their blog as a visual diary which helps managing their relationship. They basically collect comical, insinuating and random photos from all over the web, but what has made the blog so popular are their surprising associations to those photos, which always start with the word “we…”. As Danes really like to swear in English, you should definitely get inspired by this blog, not only because it says “fuck you is the new thank you” in the header.

Check out if: you’ve said “fuck” already three times and it’s only 8am. Or if you feel like life is not a fucking blog.

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