A Canadian’s Take on Copenhagen’s Burgers

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What is the best burger?

I know everyone has a different take on what the best burger is, but the most qualified person I’ve heard of is definitely Heston Blumenthal. He is a Michelin award winning chef who runs a TV series called Heston Blumenthal’s In Search of Perfection. The point of the show is to find the ultimate recipe for the best known dishes around the globe. Here’s what he has to say about the best burger “I want the cut to be juicy with an open texture” then he continues to say “Good burger buns, have to be soft and squidgy”. Another important factor for Heston is that the burgers should not fall apart. So based on these factors, where is the best burger in Copenhagen? I took it upon myself to check out four of the best known and highly recommended restaurants where they serve burgers. The places I went are as follows: Halifax Burger, Hache, Cocks & Cows and Burger Joint.


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This restaurant was founded in 2007 after two Danish friends visited Canada, which I thought was nice, seeing as I grew up there. One of my favourite features of the restaurant is that your order is customizable in that you can choose from nine different types of burgers, two types of buns, four types of patties, four side-dishes and five dips. But how does it compare with Heston’s ideology of the best burger. I ended up choosing the Liverpool burger and I must say I was definitely satisfied with the proportion. The burger consisted of aioli, chives, fried egg, bacon, soft onions, cheddar, HP sauce, tomato, red onion and lettuce. Now I know this is not the classic form of a burger but I was famished at the time and this one appealed to me the most. The meat, eggs and bacon were all cooked to perfection. All in all I would say it was a good burger, however it did not meet the requirements needed to compete according to the Heston scale. For one, I chose the light bun and it was dry and crumbly. I found that one quality that most burgers in Copenhagen share is that they all tend to fall apart and Halifax is no exception. This results in me having to eat my burger with fork and knife, what’s up with that!


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More info: http://halifax.dk


Haché is a restaurant where they serve gourmet burgers and I can definitely vouch for that. They have two locations and the one I went to was located one block away from Torvehallerne, which is really good because they get all of their ingredients from there. The environment inside the restaurant was cozy and the service was exquisite. Here I just ended up having a generic cheese burger and once again the Copenhagen burger did not disappoint. The first thing I noticed is that the bun they used was definitely made at the restaurant or at a bakery close by because it seemed like it was fresh out of the oven. Another feature I noticed and expected was the quality of the meat. Unfortunately there were two problems with the burger. I may sound like a snob for saying so, but at the time I was really craving the good old American style juicy burger for a while and they could not deliver. The meat patty was overcooked and once again the moment I took that first bite…splosh! I think you know where I’m going with this.


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More info: http://www.hacheburgers.com

Cocks and Cows

Out of the burger places so far, I’ve got to say this one was my favourite. Their location on Gammel Strand has an amazing outdoor courtyard dining area. The courtyard is surrounded by wall sculptures which give the place an air of elegance. The ordering style is similar to Halifax in that you order from several choices of burgers, buns, side dishes and sauces. I consider the classic choice from Cocks and Cows to be the smoke and cheese which is loaded with bacon and cheddar. The time for a meal to arrive spans from 30-45 minutes but it’s well worth the wait. My favourite aspect of the food are the crispy curly fries and the various types of sauces. The Burger itself is on spot as well. The meat is spot on and the toppings are made from top class ingredients. So far this was the best burger out of the ones that I had. Again, there was one tiny problem, it’s impossible to eat with your hands. Even with a fork and knife, it became a messy situation.

Cocks and cows

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More info: http://cocksandcows.dk

Tommi’s Burger Joint

In comparison critiques it is customary to leave the best for last and in this article that is no exception. Tommi’s Burger Joint, located in Kødbyen – Copenhagen’s meat packing district,  is hands down my favourite place to have a burger and I haven’t gone to many other places since I tried this one. Immediately as I stepped in I knew that this place had what I was looking for. It’s a small place with only a few seats and during rush hour the place is in mayhem. But the style of the place gave me nostalgic feelings of what it was like to enter a burger joint in Toronto. There are two grill big grills right behind where you order and you can see the burgers being made and the different stages that they are at. The smoky aroma of grilled burgers fills the air and it has your mouth watering in no time. Another nice feature about the place is that they have a wide assortment of condiments that you can choose from and either put in your burger or put in little plastic containers for your fries. I got my burger well within 15-20 minutes, which in so far is the fastest of all the other places. The burger is wrapped in a classic paper wrap that you see in Hollywood movies. This burger certainly met all the requirements that Heston listed. The patty was juicy and cooked to perfection, the bun was squidgy and soft with a chewy texture. Last but not least, I finally found a burger that I can start and finish using only my hands.


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More info: http://www.burgerjoint.dk

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