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Written by Mathias Lund Nielsen and Jenny Wiinberg


The Responsibility Day Case Competition last Thursday, was an interesting challenge that led to proving which program is really the smartest at CBS….obviously IB. Just kidding! Keep  in mind that the two authors of this article are IB students ;)

To be serious, the teams competing in the Case Competition each presented well planned solutions to Hummels dilemma.  The Hummel case asked students to present a way to “Change the World through Sports” by either focusing on the suppliers or the consumers.  The Responsibility Day Case Competition is a competition optional to all first year students at CBS. Responsibility Day takes place at the start of the first year and aims to teach new students about Corporate Social Responsibility through a case competition. Competing in the finale were teams from the programs International Business and Politics, Business Administration and Service Management and International Business. 

After introducing the teams and the jury, the competition began with the solution from the IBP team.  Their solution was an online platform called Karma Capital that focused on engaging consumers and taking advantage of the popular forms of social media.  The key to Karma Capital was to focus on the current Mega Trends and create word of mouth marketing.  The platform would be marketed and run by students and volunteers through the use of competitions taking place at different universities. The IBP team argued that fifty percent of consumers prefer a company with strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) when they are shopping to support their case.

The next group in the fire was the group from BSc SEM.  The group presented a unique and elaborate idea of separating Hummel into three companies, Karma United as a non-profit, Hummel Clothing, and Hummel SCM which focused specifically on their network of suppliers.  Karma United could use their “Karma Trader” certificate to reward suppliers and thereby brand it to other suppliers and let them use it for their products as well.

Saving the best for last, the final group from International Business presented the winning idea.  The main idea was to engage both suppliers and consumers through creating an online platform and donating system called Smart Karma, where consumers could spend Smart Credits, credits that they earn from buying a Hummel product. Hummel decides three projects they want to focus on; it could be equality through sponsoring a Women’s soccer team, education by building schools or free education for the suppliers or improve working conditions and give Karma Kits to the suppliers. This platform would be closely integrated with social media and would allow users to share their donations on Facebook or Twitter.

After a short debate between the jury members, Dan Bjerg, Stephanie Hadler and Christian Bendsen, the winners were announced.  Third place and 500 DKK to Academic Books, went to BSc SEM.  Runner up was IBP, each team member winning 1000 DKK also to Academic Books.  Finally, the winner was International Business, now the proud owners of iPad Minis.

WInners case

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