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About a week ago, yet another new student organization, CBS Beer, was founded by a bunch of 9 very international guys from BSc. International Business. The countries represented in the new student organization are: Germany, England, India, Hungary, Denmark, United States…and Jutland and Amager (their joke, not mine).

After I’ve taken some photos of the nine founders of CBS Beer, and they’ve managed to each chug a whole beer, the boys are all in a happy, jokey mood. I’m amazed at their enthusiasm – with only one day’s notice of this interview, all the guys have managed to show up for the interview, apart from Kristóf Szabó, who apparently is in Hungary discovering new beers, and Alexander Rosenberg who is attempting to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with beer.

My first question to you all is how did you come up with the idea to found CBS Beer?

I’m met with a hundred different responses:


Because no great story ever started out with a salad, Mark Bjørk comments.

Because beer is kind of like sex, when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good, Bjørk goes on – he’s on a roll today.

Because the best thing in the world is beer, and we need to bring more beer to CBS, Daniel Fleischer says.

After a lot of geeky, but I admit quite funny, jokes and Schumpeterian references to CBS Beer being “creative destruction“, both in a business sense, and biologically to your brain, I try to get them to answer my question seriously.

Jasper Hoffman steps in, We were partly inspired by CBS Wine, but since beer is just as amazing as wine, we wanted to make a social club with beer as the focus. We felt that there was a hole in the market as there were no beer clubs at CBS(and we all know beer and studying goes together!)

Hence the 9 beer-a-holics set out on a journey to fill this hole in the market…. with, uh, beer.

What exactly is CBS Beer all about then?

With passion, inspiration and beer shining in their eyes, they eagerly begin to explain.

There are two sides to beer. You can drink beer for the taste at beer tastings, or you can use it as a party starter or at networking events. Therefore there are two sides to CBS Beer. The two main events we will be hosting are beer tastings and beer pong tournaments, says Christoffer Breum Nielsen (before you ask, no he isn’t related to Morten Breum).

We are also hoping to host beer study trips, beer bowling tournaments in the summer, beer excursions and something related to Octoberfest, the other guys chip in.DSC_0294

What events do you have coming up?

Our kick-off event is on February 26th, and it will be a beer tasting at Nørrebro Bryghus – see the link to the event here. Almost half of the tickets were already sold on the first day that the event was announced, so if you want to get your hands on a ticket, you better hurry! It’s open for everyone – all study programs, and both boys and girls. The size of future events will depend on how much space there is at the breweries, and for beer pong tournmanets there will be 32 teams that can sign up – that makes 64 people plus cheerleaders, so do the math! says Kristoffer Robbestad Nilsen, President of CBS Beer.

The winner will receive a CBS Beer T-shirt and eternal glory, Mark Bjørk adds. He notes that it is VERY important that I include that fact in this article.

You’re 9 guys who have founded CBS Beer – is this a hint that girls aren’t welcome at your events?

No, not at all! It was just a coincidence that it was us 9 guys that founded CBS Beer. Girls are just as welcome. Plus, Beer Pong is a gentlemen’s sport, so of course girls are allowed to join, all the CBS Beer founders agree.

Can you give all the beer-lovers at CBS some recommendations for good beer bars in town?

I would definitely say the Mikkeller in Vesterbro, or Mikkeller and Friends in Nørrebro if you’re looking for a younger crowd, and I really like Charlie’s Bar and The Bishops Arms too, but the crowd is slightly older, says Kristoffer Robbestad Nilsen. 

I really like the BrewPub, a bar just off Rådhuspladsen – they brew their own beer on site! Henrik Cullen adds.

Although CBS Beer is still in its early stages, I think it will be a student organization to look out for. Cheers!

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Sidsel Marie Lyhne is a first year masters student, studying Msc. International Marketing and Management. She's a journalist and reviewer of Copenhagen's Treasures, and former Editor-in-Chief of CBSLife. When she isn't travelling and making 100+ second snapchat stories, you'll find her at her regular bar, Nexus, with a beer (or two) in hand or dancing to Justin Bieber's latest hit.

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