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We all know it. When the exam period approaches we all suddenly have so many things to do other than studying. You might begin cleaning your room, take up a hobby or for instance, write an exam procrastination article to post on CBSLife. Well, my room isn’t clean at all, but that is because much of my procrastination time is spent online looking at awesome sites…. school related of course.

Spotted at CBS Library 

If you ever feel like you are being watched at the library – not saying you should here, but if you do – check out the Facebook page ‘Spotted at CBS Library’. Someone might have noticed your good looks and wants to let you know, but lack the courage to tell you directly. Here people will write things like: “Cute blond girl in bordeaux pants, grey shirt and black boots in Kilen ground floor/Cantena. Your smile and eyes keeps distracting me from my work. Should we just call it a day, and talk a walk in the sun together?”. So whenever you sit in the library, it is always good fun to stop by the page.

CBS Lecture Quotes 

Oh, what don’t people say in class? This site is still very new, but it is a good idea to have greatest hits collection of the epic quotes said in class. One of the newest posts: “This is the quick and dirty method!” or another one: “So what can we take away from this lecture? Well the most important thing is that size DOES matter. Why? Because you can do many different things when your are bigger!”

IB’s Finest 

This one might be especially fun to me as sometime it refers to the professors I have had, but most of them are generic to all of CBS and student life. One of my favourites that we can all agree on is post three on page two, but there are many good ones. Have a look!

This tumblr page is also generic to all of CBS. Again, there are many good ones that will make you laugh. Some of the text is in Danish, but most will get them anyway. Maybe the best thing here compared to IB’s Finest is that you can add your own posts. So have a look at the page, and share your view on life at CBS.

These sites are fairly new so go like them on Facebook to support  them. However, the most important site to visit when you need a break from your studies is of course CBSLife, but you already know that since you’ve been reading this article. Well done.

About the Author :

Stefan Dam Andreasen is currently on his third year of his B.Sc. in International Business and one of the original founders of CBSLife. He is very active, engaging in multiple student organizations such as FinanceLab, CBS Students, IB Union as well as CBSLife. One of his big goals is to report on activities by other student organizations in order to make their hard work visible, making it easier as a student to keep track of relevant organizations and activities.

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