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Next year CBS Life will feature a new theme about successful projects that grew out of our school. As an introduction to that new theme we would like to present you a cake eating, fun loving organization by the name of Sweet Sneak.


Who Are They?

The project began with five MSc. Management of Creative Business Processes students. Brini, Katrin, Theresa, Martje and Antje met on the first day of school and according to Brini, it was “love at first sight” for each of them. Initially the five girls wanted to create something next to their studies where they could pursue their passion for baking cakes but opening a café was not a feasible option. They quickly realized that there were a few pop-up restaurants taking place in Copenhagen but not one of them were a pop-up bakery. Shortly after the idea sprang up, the girls began coming up with a basic concepts for Sweet Sneak and began the project by designing Finley the Fox (their logo/mascot). With this done they were well on their way to organizing their first event, which was hosted in February 2013 and consisted of 100 people gathering in Katrin’s apartment located in the heart of Nørrebro.


Since then Sweet Sneak has bloomed into a well-known organisation and has been covered by several blogs and news papers such as the Politiken. Recently they just took a big step in their professional venture and have finally founded the official company, Sweet Sneak Studio. In order to meet certain Danish regulations for cooking food they partnered up with Kitchen Collective, a culinary co-working space, which is actually another interesting project originating from CBS. Not only does the partnership allow the girls to bake all their tasty goods in a professional kitchen, but it also gives them a chance to offer their cake tables and pop-up settings to companies and professional events.

What Are They?

The idea behind Sweet Sneak might seem like it is all about eating and enjoying a scrumptious slice of cake or a well crafted muffin but it is actually much more than that. When the girls plan their events the first question they ask themselves is: What is it that attracts these people to our event? Cake is obviously a leading factor (especially their carrot cake), but they also take into consideration the setup, location, music and who they are collaborating with. These combined factors result in a savory social experience.


Sweet Sneak is constantly looking for new pop-up organizations and venues so that they can try out different environments and expand the boarders of their pop-up bakery. Presently Sweet Sneak has countless organized events under their belt and anyone who is interested in checking out their past events, click here. The most recent event was held in the Dome of Visions, where I had the good fortune of being introduced to their mesmerizing cakes. Here are a couple more organizations and venues that Sweet Sneak has collaborated with in the past:

Roskilde Festival
The Rabbit Hole
Vess Show Room
Bar Ræv

If you would like to collaborate with, or are just interested in their future events, check out Sweet Sneak’s website:

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