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CBS organizations are starting to speed up and this week present more than enough for you to try, see and explore! I present you with things not to miss out on in the following 7 days!

Don’t forget to check CPH this week: week 40 to find out about events off campus!


MONDAY / 3rd

Venture Cup Denmark is organizing a series of events in Greater Copenhagen called Ideation Workshop and this Monday it’s stopping by CBS. The purpose is to present students with techniques and frameworks to generate and conceptualize ideas as well as select the most suiting one!
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WE – CBSLife – are hosting an open meeting for everyone interested in joining our blog. We will present the parts of our organization, how you could be a member and answer any questions you could have. You will hear about out existing projects and future plans. So if you like us (as we already like you) swing by to say hi!
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CBS Students Political Council will dig into government’s 2025 plan and its consequences regarding the educational sector and the SU system. For worse or better? There’s only one way to find out! Join the debate and see how government and you are intertwined.
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CBS Career Centre

Time to mingle with some companies as CBS Career Fair will take over CBS campus with a 2 day programme focused on getting you in touch with as many as 65 company representatives! There will be more than 30 company presentations all in efforts for you to find your sweet spot whether it is a student job, part-timer or full-timer (and let’s not forget internships and graduate programs too). Mark your calendars, since you might be onto something really important here!
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CBS Debate Club will tackle basic moral principles in this Wednesday session. If you missed out CBS Debate Club during the Society Day, hit them a message and join a group of people that will keep your mind share and your oratory skills even sharper. You can read more about it in the event description.
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CBS Film

The CBS Film guys are having their intro meeting and inviting you to join them. Whether you have a cinematography bone tickling inside you or are just a fan of an good ol’ movie, you can now join your destined brothers and sisters and bring CBS some big screen reasons to procrastinate on the exams!
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CBS Culture knows that the best school is the old school. After 150 years of its creation, the Swan Lake ballet is still a dazzling masterpiece to be witnessed, and witnessed nowhere else than on the main stage of the Opera House! Last time I heard, tickets were sold out, but if you hustle hard you might just end up right where should be.
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Interested in studying a semester abroad? CBS International Office is hosting an Exchange Fair 2016 where you can meet 100+ partner universities, find out about your options. Been there, done that – you have to give it a go!
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It the time of the when new Study Board members are elected! But before that… Beerpong! CBS Students are promoting the election – RunOR – by getting you buzzed up and signing the application, and they are planning to do it by providing first 120 beers for free at Café Nexus! And I think they might just succeed.
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Cafe Nexus

Don’t be fast to leave, cuz’ Café Nexus is in no hurry and after the future study board members will be done with their campaigns, Burn Energy – this Thursday sponsor – will bring out 4 artist line-up to keep you going!
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FRIDAY / 7th

CBS Students

RunOr will flip to the serious side of the coin and host and info meeting for everyone interested in becoming a representative in the Study Board. You get to chance to actually make decision, be the voice of your course mates, and try your best to make CBS Great Again (or should I say Great-er-ish). This is a pretty cool thing and you should definitely explore the possibility!
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