CBS This Week: #48

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Improv Comedy United | World Wide Improv #Yesvember


This month we say YES to VEMBER! The adrenaline rush you get from playing awesome improv! Watch out for the secret password at The Show Apple page, which gives you free entrance! NOW it’s improv time. The best night. Of. Your. Life. You know how magical improv is! So show it to your best friend or a stranger. They deserve it.



International Debate CBS | Arctic: A frozen conflict?


We at ID CBS wish to know more about the challenges faced by companies venturing into Arctic and what their concerns are. We also want to know more about the potential environmental backlash, and how companies and consumers are supposed to deal with them. Lastly, we are interested in knowing whether the big international players, Russia and USA, will be able to solve the territorial issue diplomatically, or if we are to expect further military escalation.


Marketing Lab | Mobile Optimization Course


Do you want to know more about mobile optimization? Then you don’t want to miss the opportunity to participate at the next course of MarketingLab in collaboration with Success Online. This will be a great occasion to gain relevant skills this field, in order to ensure an optimized experience of visitors accessing sites from a device, but also to meet a prominent expert from Google.



CBS Wine | Christmas Wine Market


Nemlig, would like to invite all of you, to their biggest wine tasting of the year, The Christmas Wine Market, on either Wednesday, November 30th or Thursday, December 1st. By buying a ticket you will get; To taste more than 50 wines (catalog with the wines:, save up to 50 % on many Christmas wines, receive a gift card of DKK 100, professional guidance by’s own sommelier, meet the producers of Buglionis Ripasso and Amarone wines taste this years Christmas duck and pre-order on the day, Slagter Lund will serve his homemade red cabbage and duck sauce, Harald Krabbe from Frederiksdal Gods will serve his cherry wines, a guided tour of’s warehouse.


CBS Debating Society & CBS Feminist Society | Debating Feminism


Throughout the history of feminism, the movement has been under frequent attacks by sceptics. Some fundamentally reject that sexism is a problem that deserves constant scrutiny given the significant advances in gender equality, appealing to the gaping differences between the past and present. Others disagree with the very labeling of the movement, suggesting it should be ‘egalitarianism’ rather than ‘feminism’. As a self-identified feminist, or a supporter thereof, defending views from these scathing critiques can be a demanding task – it challenges the fundamental assumptions of your beliefs and your knowledge of facts.


CBS Film & Sport Ski | Fourth Phase


“This process we follow, this cycle we ride” CBS Film and CBS Sport Ski presents, from the creators of The Art of FLIGHT, Travis Rice’s new project THE FOURTH PHASE! The highly anticipated sequel to “The Art of Flight”, which has been in production since 2013, revolves around Travis Rice’s 16,000-mile journey to follow the hydrological cycle around the northern Pacific.



Marketing Lab | Repositioning: A Case Study of Føtex by Kunde & Co


The world goes around, businesses grow, competition intensifies. Nothing in the world stays still and that’s why positioning is so important. If you have heard about repositioning a billion times but still don’t know how is it done or why is it so crucial to a business, this is the event for you! Kunde & Co will present their own case study about the repositioning of Føtex – one of the most known danish retail stores.


Nexus | Nexus Thursdays #13


Thursdays keep coming and we love it! ♥ This Thursday is 1st of December and with Christmas coming we are looking forward to seeing you here again to heat up the dance floor. Invite your classmates and CBS friends and get ready for another unforgettable night right here at Nexus.

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