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It’s holiday week at CBS because of the Easter long-weekend, so (for once!) there’s not that many activities are happening at CBS in week 12. Which is lovely, because it means that if you’re in Copenhagen and have time to spend, you can definitely make it to both the events that are on this week.

Monday 21st March



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On Monday, in corporation with CBS, “Gode Penge” (Good Money) has invited you to open lectures based on the research project “Monetary Reform for the post-growth economy.Dr. Joseph Huber, Professor of economics and environmental sociology from Martin Luther University, has been invited to come and speak about how the monetary system works and the misconceptions that surround the economic theory. On Monday then, you get the unique opportunity to gain an insight into the economic issues that gave rise to the founding of Good Money and Positive Money in the UK, and that too hear it from one of the people who have been writing  about monetary reform , long before it became common knowledge in academic circles. Despite the Ublend event description being in Danish, the lecture will in fact take place in English. So if you’re in Copenhagen on Monday, do make sure to check it out.

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Tuesday 22nd March



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On Tuesday our favourite team at the CBS Debating Society may or may not have their usual weekly practice. Because of Easter holiday week, they realize that not many people may be free, and so a final decision will be taken on Monday evening, as to whether there will be a weekly debate, on the following day or not. So if you were looking forward to attending week 12′s debate session, make sure to let CBS Debating Society know by confirming your attendance on the event linked below.

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From all of us at the CBSLife team, we wish you a very happy easter filled with lots of chocolate, flowers and lots of CBSLife’s article readings ;-)


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