CBSLife Tracks: Week 36

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What we’re listening to:

Our feature this week is the underground summer hit “When the Sun Goes Down” by German house act Dreemobil. Created in collaboration with rapper/producer SMAXIZ, this tune is a perfect example of dance-pop gone right: a slick four-on-the-floor beat, a fat, groovy, bassline, and, of course, a gloriously irreverent hook right before the drop. To be enjoyed in the company of good friends and good drink.

Also new: Y’all Trippin’ by Michael Christmas

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Meet Michael Christmas.

At the tender age of nineteen years, this rap prodigy out of Roxbury, Boston, has been heralded as the next Kid Cudi, and it’s clear to see why. On  ’Y'all Trippin’,” off his latest album, “Is This Art?” Christmas raps with a kind of honesty and wit not heard since Cudi’s early Man on the Moon mixtapes, waxing poetic over a jazzy neo-soul hip-hop beat tightly produced by James Rogers. One to follow.



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