IMG_1560Andreas Hammershøy is currently the president of CBSLife. He is in his second year of his masters in MSc EBA Economics & Marketing at CBS. His responsibilities include  administrating CBSLife members: recruitment, engagement, development etc., organizing the monthly hangouts, delegating tasks and responsibilities, and contributing to the content of CBSLife.


12202573_1062044643814813_1120865894_nMette Møller is a second-year student studying BSc Business Administration & Sociology at CBS. She is currently CBSLife’s editor-in-chief. Her role includes editing, coordinating and contributing to the content on CBSLife.

Creative Director

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALJAAAAJDA2ZmQ2MjFmLTQ0NTQtNDllOC05Mzk2LTc5ZGUxMjc3MjI2OADavid Fulop is CBSLife’s creative director. He is currently in his first year of MSc EBA International Marketing and Management at CBS. His roles include being head of our content, both in terms of developing concepts and ideas, as well as bringing them to fruition.

Financial Director

IMG_1556Christoffer Paiseczny is currently studying BSc International Business at CBS and is on his third year. He is CBSLife’s financial director. His responsibilities include managing revenue streams for CBSLife, contact with our sponsors and overseeing and controlling CBSLife’s financial activities.

Marketing & Brand Director

1557430_10152093177026925_1881427120_n (1)Frederik Kehler is in his first year of cand.merc.kom (MSc EBA and Organizational Communication) at CBS. He is CBSLife’s marketing & branding director, and his roles include developing CBSLife’s brand, increasing awareness of it, initiating various marketing campaigns, running social media, etc.

Senior Contributors

12207656_10153349075350819_606592182_n (1)Sara Gholami is a senior contributor. She is currently in her third year of her bachelors in BSc Business, Language and Culture at CBS. Her roles at CBSLife include that of a contributor, but also of a referent. As senior contributor, she takes minutes of the meetings and sends them out to CBSLife members as well as working alongside other board members on various projects. Sara is currently on exchange in Mexico.


Mihika Deb is a senior contributor and former president of CBSLife. She is currently in her third year of her bachelors in English and Organisational Communication at CBS. At the moment, Mihika is enjoying a semester in Australia where she is studying abroad.

External Advisor

IMG_1558Sidsel Marie Lyhne is in her second year of MSc EBA International Marketing and Management  at CBS. Her roles as the external advisor of CBSLife include part-taking in board meetings and giving an “outside” view on decisions as well as contributing to CBSLife’s content. Having been president of CBSLife previously, she also gladly shares her expertise whenever required.

Web Development

10485793_4937852341185_1118856344347776279_n (1)

Daniel Damian  is in charge of web development at CBSLife. He is currently studying in his third year of BSc. International Business. His role at CBSLife includes looking at the analytics that go on behind our page,online marketing and being responsible for the maintenance of our website.


10171883_10152322958385396_1633483758_n-300x300Analisa Winther is taking her masters in MSc. Management of Innovation and Business development with a minor in Neuroscience at CBS. She founded CBSLife in 2011, and today continues to be a lovely contributor to the team.


12208230_10208221835444368_368669610_n (1)Zoe Toriello is a third-year student in BSc. International Business. Currently, she is on exchange in Singapore.

12207951_10153084217107077_1805011843_nNick Christiansen is currently taking his masters in MSc. Management of Innovation and Business Development.

Laura Werup is in her third year of her bachelors in BSc. International Business and Politics.

12212032_10206092198397485_1207750831_nMaria Pham is currently in her second year in BSc. Business, Language and Culture.

12231606_10153850031318081_2016224686_nPierce Ricketts is a third-year student taking his bachelors in BSc. International Business.

10390201_10204060779424998_6307572705225961161_n-270x300Frederik Winther is currently earning his masters degree at CBS.

12207624_10206908588184750_2144791983_nTanmay Singh Madan is a second-year student taking his bachelors in BSc. International Business.

1176177_10151694465349387_1598133141_n (1)Marie-Louise W. Klein is currently getting her BSc. in International Business at CBS.

10250109_10203691438144580_8617737618782319327_n (1)Maria Sølvsteen  is the former managing editor of CBSLife and continues to write for the site.

11102602_10206367220043239_3213067150044439976_n (1)Sofie Roslid is the former vice president of CBSLife. She continues to contribute to CBSLife occasionally.

1526812_10202080603349380_139859658_nSimone Divakova is in her second year of her BSc. Asian Studies Program (Chinese).

1e74444 (2)Philip Pfieffer is currently taking his bachelors in BSc. International Business. He is the former president of CBSLife, and continues to occasionally contribute to CBSLife’s content.