Copenhagen getaways: Ystad Saltsjöbad, Sweden

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Via; Marie-Louise Klein

Exams are finally over, but your heart might still be beating at an abnormal pace and even though you’re exaughsed, you might not be able to wind down completely and relax. The stress level is at its highest after a month of finals and too much work. Free time has not been plentiful lately, yet, we love the busy lifestyle, and all the exciting things students get to be involved in. However, sometimes, it is good to take a break. I am not talking about 30 minutes on Facebook or watching TV, but a real break, where your body and soul gets the chance to find inner peace again, and you get an experience of a lifetime.

What is Ystad Saltsjöbad? Ystad Saltsjöbad is a beautiful spa hotel in Sweden. As they put it, their goal is to “make our guests’ spa visit an event far beyond their expectations“. The hotel is very New Port-inspired with stunning interior and maritime inspired decorations. It is located right by the Baltic at Ystad in the most beautiful part of the coast of Skåne. This makes it a very convenient destination for a weekend trip out of Copenhagen. You can take the “Øresundstog” straight from Copenhagen to Ystad. The hotel offers a wealth of experiences to make the stay a delight and it will bring completely new dimensions to the concept of spa and treatments. They strive to promulgate a lifestyle based on self-indulgence through spa, fitness and delicate food.


Via: Marie-Louise Klein

A day at the spa We arrived at Ystad Saltsjöbad at 2.00 pm and went for a walk to see the beautiful spa, the outdoor areas, and restaurants. It clearly indicated that it was a luxurious place by the beach, with a vibe of serenity. We had a cup of coffee in one of the restaurant and listened to the sound of live piano and shortly after changed into the very nice bathrobes and slippers and went to the spa. The spa is in a class of its own. On the ground floor, all pools have a sea view. There is a large regular pool, and there is a rectangular, more tropical-looking pool. In the spa, you can also enter “the creek”. As soon as you enter this, you are met by dazzling green walls covered in plants enclosed in a moist, warm mist, and a waterfall cascading gently down a sloping stonewall. Outside there are several jacuzzis. There was snow on the ground, so it seemed like a good idea to run out, roll in the snow, and run back in the hot water. Additionally there was a sauna, of course with a panorama sea view as well. On the first floor, the area was divided into three. On the one side, there was a nice champagne bar. At another end, there was a large room with no windows, large soft king-size beds along the walls and a large fireplace in the middle of the room creating a cozy and calm atmosphere. In the other end, there were large windows by the sea and on the sides creating an open space with a sense of purity. The view was just stunning. After visiting all spa areas and relaxing with a good book, we went for our massage appointments. We went into separate rooms and enjoyed 30 minutes of pure soft muscle treatment. Overall, the calmness must be stressed. Everyone moved around in a complete different pace than normally. The atmosphere is highly restful and tranquil, and everything will get something out of a stay here.


Via: Marie-Louise Klein

The finest dinner After a wonderful and relaxing time in the spa, we were voracious by the time we went down for dinner. There are two different restaurants, each with their own charm. Vitas is a small French American bistro with a beautiful characteristic interior. We opted for dinner at Port, a Swedish-American seafood restaurant with a timeless and luxurious yet classic interior. We had salmon tartar as a starter, which was very good. A lovely steak as main course supplemented by a nice red wine, and to satisfy my love of chocolate, we had a chocolate fondant for dessert.


Via: Maire- Louise Klein


Breakfast and Morning Run

The experience at Ystad Saltsjöbad was far from over. In the morning we went for a beautiful run along a nice trail by the sea. We saw the most amazing sunrise while watching the steam from the cold water. After the run, we got dressed and went to the restaurant to have the most important meal of the day, breakfast. I am a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to breakfast, and it was an extraordinary one of the kind with everything from fruit and waffles to eggs and bacon. We enjoyed it sitting at a table looking out at the sea enjoying the last bit of our trip.


Is Ystad Saltsjöbad for you?

YSB is the ideal place for a short getaway to relax both body, mind and soul in beautiful surroundings. It does come at a price, but it is certainly worth every dime. It is the perfect trip to see the beautiful coasts of Sweden; it is the perfect partner getaway for a special occasion, or the perfect get-away from work or thesis project. When I left YSB I felt a newfound level of relaxation. It was the perfect combination of experiencing the nature by the sea and the lovely spa as well as eating delicious food and enjoying good wine. It is an experience I will certainly look back on, and a place that I will definitely be visiting sometime soon in the future.


Via: Marie-Louise Klein

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Address: Ystad Saltsjöbad, Saltsjöbadsvägen 15, 271 39 Ystad



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