Copenhagen Treasures: Copenhagen Gourmet and Wine Festival

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Summer, sun and hot weather put me in need of good wine. Luckily, I stumbled upon Copenhagen Gourmet and Wine Festival. These kinds of festivals are very informative and absolutely needed.



The event took place at Frederiksberg in Bülowshallen, where a large number of exhibitors and wine importers were present. I brought along an ally who has knowledge of port wine and an excellent taste in food. Lucky for my friend because this day proved to be a very tasteful day indeed.

Untitled 2Upon arrival, just before entering the hall, we were given a program as well as a small voting voucher, which gave us a chance to vote for our favorite wine. At the end of the event, the best wine was decided by all the visitors. As we entered the hall, we were met by a large number of stands. We each grabbed a glass, and just stood for a while taking in the full ambiance whilst trying to decide which one of the booths to begin with. Eventually we decided to start from one end of the hall and worked our way around, visiting as many presenters as we could. We tried a number of different wines, special beers, and many different very good port wines. We ended up buying three. Aside from wines and beers, we were also presented a variety of spectacular Italian specialties was presented at the exhibition.

All the presenters were extremely well prepared and good at informing us about their products, also in taking into consideration that we are fairly new in the field. Thus the event was not only a pleasant adventure for my taste buds but also very informative and insightful.

All in all, a more than successful event, which without a doubt I will spend more time on participating in when I find other similar opportunities. I highly recommend other wine enthusiasts to do the same.

If you are interested, the next event is called Rhône Wine Festival, and takes place at the beautiful Dansk Vincenter in Avedøre, just outside Copenhagen. Around 25-30 exhibitors will be presenting around 300 different wines from some of the preferred producers in France. Representatives from the French embassy will open the festival, and during the day, there will be competitions as well as a seminar on Hermitage wines.

You can read more about the festival and purchase your ticket here:

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