Copenhagen’s Treasures: Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet)

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Did you not get the chance to enjoy the ocean and the secrets in it while summer was at its peak? Well, do not despair: Copenhagen houses the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. The Blue Planet stands out amongst the many remarkable architectural landmarks in Copenhagen, giving visitors a great opportunity to experience the ocean below the surface.

Being a little disappointed that the Danish summer has almost already come to an end (and the fact that I just took my Open Water Divers Certificate), I figured I would finally visit the renowned Blue Planet. The Blue Planet is located at Amager, next to the airport, and is thus surrounded by water almost all the way around. The foundation of the architecture is a center from where five arms stretch out, inspired by the movement of fish shoals and the ocean. Lastly, in best “CBS Goes Green”-style, the aquarium is energy saving with seawater cooling reducing the energy consumption round the clock.

Photo: Adam Mørk

In total, the aquarium is the home of 20,000 fish and sea animals, divided into 53 aquaria with a total of seven million liters of water.

Out of the seven million liters of water, four million liters are in the enormous Ocean Tank, the largest aquarium in the Blue Planet. Here, a number of hammerheads, giant rays, blacktip reef sharks, and other sea animals are swimming side by side in the azure blue water. The glass tunnel with a 360 degrees view, allows you to stand face to face with the fairly dangerous animals – a unique experience.


Photo: Marie-Louise Klein

Next is the Coral Reef which shows beautiful, colorful fish and other kinds of mysterious animals. Lastly, the diverse life in Africa’s largest lakes, both above and below the water, is displayed. This includes snakes, colorful fish, crocodiles and beautiful butterflies and birds in the jungle.

Photo: Adam Mørk

If your summer vacation doesn’t take you further than the Danish borders this year, The Blue Planet is a wonderful journey into the oceans’ marvelous world.

Contact details

Den Blå Planet
10:00 – 21:00
Tuesday – Sunday:
10:00 – 18:00

Jacob Fortlingsvej 1
2770 Kastrup
44 22 22 44

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