Copenhagen Treasures: Let’s Cocktail !

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Let's Cocktail

I will probably never get tired of the traditional warm-up before going out. The homemade drinks mixed in the kitchen of one of my friend’s Copenhagen apartments. However, I recently came across a fantastic opportunity to spice it up a little: a cocktail course! And an affordable yet fabulous one of the kind – Let’s Cocktail!

Let’s Cocktail is a fun cocktail course where everyone on all levels can learn how to create a variety of different delicious cocktails in just over an hour. The courses are instructed by some of the best bartenders in Copenhagen, who are very keen on sharing their tips and tricks.

I went to the course with a friend of mine, who I know appreciates good cocktails just as much as I do. There is a selection of courses: beginners, experts, and a variety of themed courses including Seasonal Cocktails, Hollywood, The Happy 80’s, and more. We decided to go with the themed course “The Safe Winners” (de sikre vindere), which is a variety of go-to cocktails that will just forever be all time favorites. The course took place at the elegant restaurant Umami in the center of Copenhagen. Initially we were met by a super fancy and hot-tempered bar set-up, which looked both appetizing and a little intimidating and one of the best bartenders in Copenhagen, Hektor, who went right on with the first cocktail with a great level of energy. So our expectations were high already from the beginning.

Anders Reckendorff

There were eight cocktail stations available, allowing a maximum of 16 participants per course. Thus the bartender had a good overview of everyone participating and was able to provide help and answer any questions throughout the course. I was definitely neither the most experienced nor the quickest learner on the course, yet I felt very welcome and had great fun also with the other participants. Throughout the course, the bartender told numerous tall tales about the cocktails and their backgrounds. We got to make several cocktails including: Kamikaze, Cuba Libre, Margarita, Mojito, and my personal favorite, the exquisite Clover Club which is perfect for the summer which is approaching. Also the cocktails were made with really good spirits such as Tanqueray and Captain Morgan as well as fresh raw ingredients such as lime and mint leaves.  It was surprisingly easy to make good cocktails with the proper instruction and tools and the bartender was very engaged and clearly wanted us all to have a fun and educational evening.

Let's Cocktail

At the end of the course, after a variety of great cocktails, the atmosphere was wonderful! The course is perfect before continuing the night out in town. We were all given a cocktail book with all the recipes, enabling us to show off in front of our friends the next time we have guests over. Because let’s face it – who hasn’t dreamt of looking as cool, calm and collected when shaking a fancy cocktail like Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail?

By the end we had had a fun night with good laughs, great stories, and a lot of shaking. I have already booked another course in a couple of weeks with all my girlfriends to enjoy a different but fabulous and fun warm-up before going out. It is such a great price/value ratio.

Price per person: kr. 210,- (includes drinks and cocktail recipe book)


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