Copenhagen Treasures: Pincho Nation

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The world’s first app restaurant has come to Copenhagen, Denmark. It is fun, it is modern, it is different – it is app’solutely amazing.

For the first time ever in an article, I am purposely going to leave information out. Why? Because this is one of the places in Copenhagen you absolutely have to see for yourself. There are so many wow-factors and surprises, and describing the entire experience would be a constant spoiler alert.


The place is fascinating. When entering, you are greeted by a lion  and a surprise. After being seated, basically all the magic happens through the app. The menu is on the app, and you order drinks and a number of small tapas inspired dishes from the app before picking them up by the kitchen desk. The food is then enjoyed in extraordinary surroundings which can be described as a mix between a circus and Moulin Rouge with deep red velvet chairs and the characteristic make-up light-bulps we know from theaters. The fun doesn’t stop here. The experience is an ongoing entertainment, and even in the gorgeous bathrooms you will find yourself to be amused – go look for yourself. Everything else also takes place through the app, including ordering the most fun and colorful drinks I have seen in a long time. The app also makes it easy to pay altogether or individually when you go out with friends. The app also includes a bonus system so every kr. spent goes toward a bonus which you can ultimately use to purchase dishes.


The place is so incredible, that it is hard to understand how it can be so affordable. Cocktails range between 50-60 kr. They look fabulous and fun and I would have guessed three times the price. The little dishes ranges between 15-39 kr.  For guys we recommend between 4-8 dishes and for girls between 3-6. It is possible to choose from a number of small dishes from all around the world, including some favorites like fried prawns, crispy chicken, mini steak, spring rolls, mushroom risotto, and quesadilla. Desserts are also incredible, maybe particularly the chocolate fondant served with vanilla ice cream, salt caramel, and a toffee flake. The restaurant is also very vegan and vegetarian friendly with at least 10 veg dishes.  It is a fun sharing concept where you get inspired from each other all the time. There are no real waiters but a couple of hosts whose primary function is to make you feel welcome and have a good time.


Pincho Nation is the perfect location for a night out with friends. It is also highly recommendable for dates. There are so many impressions and fun experiences that make up constant conversation starters. For the record guys: this place is above and beyond insta-friendly, so get there before your friends.


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