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4Finally, this is what we have been waiting for: A watchmaking store in Copenhagen that strives to make a change and stand out in an industry that values tradition and consistency. This store will open your eyes to a whole new world of watches and style.

Urpenhagen, also known as UPH, Copenhagen’s brand new watchmaker, has proved to be a true first mover in the watch industry. The world of watchmaking is filled with brands of all shapes and sizes, and whereas the big players such as Rolex, Omega, and Patek Phillipe exist in one end, there is also the other end consisting of independents with a true passion for the craft and a desire to create.

One of these independent operators, Urpenhagen, has taken the traditional mechanical watchmaking and added not only innovation but also artistry to catch a whole new and unexplored segment within the industry.

The store


The store is owned by Martin Jannik who is a young entrepreneur and a true watchmaker. He is one of the most passionate and inspiring people on earth and is rethinking the watch universe without compromising quality and service. Stepping into the store, it is clear already at the first glance, that the place is young and hip while still maintaining a classic touch. It is accessible, smart, and fancy, and the store is really a brand in itself. It is not only a place you go to buy a watch or get great service, it is an experience. To add to this, Urpenhagen of course has a great focus on the environment. The store has been built using only sustainable and recycled material including everything from paint to business cards.

The store is cool and exciting, and even has an aquarium with both a watch and fish in. The atmosphere is great, and it is the type of place where you are always more than welcome to stop by, and there is always a good cup of coffee ready.

The line of watches


Urpenhagen features some great quality watches including Orlo and Alpina. Orlo watches are made with a contemporary lifestyle in mind, and therefore is a perfect fit in Urpenhagen. The Bowen Collection by Orlo is a retro inspired collection that draws its inspiration from the iconic watches of the 70s with a robust case and pays a homage to the legacy of stars like Steve McQueen and Paul Newman.

The Alpina watches are associated with horological innovation, and thus are a great fit to Urpenhagen. The vision of Alpina was to provide sportsmen, engineers, technicians and adventurers with the ideal watch.

Life is simply too short to wear a boring watch and Urpenhagen is all but boring. The store has a fantastic hip atmosphere and décor and it is a great place to look for a new treat. And the best part is that even though you get an amazing service and great quality especially selected by a true watchmaker, it will not make you go broke.


Ultimately there is only one thing left to say: you absolutely need to visit this store. You can also follow them on Instagram @Urpenhagen and Facebook.




Vester Voldgade 6
1552 København V
Phone: +45 27590202

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