Copenhagen Treasures: Wallmans Dinner Show

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New York has it, London has it – and so does Copenhagen. In the center of Copenhagen, you have the unique opportunity to enjoy a delightful dinner and and a magical show at Wallmans. Here, you get to indulge in a 4-course dinner while enjoying a spectacular show before the location turns into a nightclub.


Via: Wallmans

The dinner show is located by Palads and Axeltorv, right next to Vesterport station and Copenhagen Central Station. It takes place in the old circus building and the venue gains a lot of character from this. People are seated in a semi-circle around the stage with multiple platforms all the way to the top, just like in a circus. The roof is shaped like a dome, which makes space for a great light show and allows for the show to unfold in many different creative ways.

Upon arrival we were greeted by artists at the entrance who were standing above the doorway, singing in a superb Broadway fashion. In the entry hall there are bars on each side, which entices guests to start the night off with a dring, we for instance, started the evening with a gin and tonic before we were assigned a table. After a short while, with a massive boom, the show, Music Box began. It was the beginning of a string of incredible shows. Taking us through a universe of opulent music, great artistry, and impressive acrobatics.


Via: Wallmans


The stage show was fascinating, especially since the entertainment took place on the large center stage and also in every corner of the hall. The fact that all the artists were wearing sparkling costumes really added to the allure of being at a Las Vegas show. The heart melting boyband-medley was compelling and their was also music from some of the greatest legends, such as Elton John and U2. Without revealing too much, you will have plenty of opportunity to take part in the show.





Between each part of the show there was a break to enjoy the sumptuous 4-course dinner and the accompanying wine. This gives you a chance to get very close to the artists, as they are also the ones serving the dinner.


Via: Wallmans

The show culminated in a mighty rock-finale which simultaneously kick-started the dancefloor and transformed the location into a nightclub. Especially Fridays and Saturdays are great evenings to visit and the drinks in the bar are very fancy.

It is a dress-up kind of night where all sorts of guests participate. Private events as well as company arrangements take place here. It is an evening to treat yourself and your friends, family, or colleagues with a remarkable experience where food, entertainment, great atmosphere and fantastic surroundings are united in perfect harmony. It is an international show that activates all senses, and which takes place in English so everyone can participate.

It was a complete and perfect experience all the way from entering the building until we left. An absolute must-see.


Via: Wallmans

The show runs Thursday through Saturday until mid-June 2016.


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