Copenhagen’s Treasures: Madam Chu’s

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Forget about Tuborg Grøn and bodega life for a while and upgrade to Copenhagen’s exploding cocktail scene with its vigorous shake-up in recent years. ‘Shaken, not stirred’, is thus not only a 007-agent’s first choice, the drink combinations at some places in the heart of the Danish capital are so divinely mastered and miraculously intoxicating that you’ll never order that RedBull-Vodka mash-up in order to get giggly and talkative ever again. So, pull back the black curtain and climb a few steps down at Madam Chu’s beautifully decorated cave.


With a subtle red light in true Shanghai-style shredding over the bar desk with place for 26 people, strong liquor flourishes alongside tunes of the Rolling Stones, Notorious Big and Frank Sinatra. Rhubarb and mint, absinthe and cucumber, various differentiations of Old fashioned – the choices are many and dangerous as the strong addictiveness makes you want to try out the whole menu and its touch of creativity. One drink is yours for 100 DKK and the cocktails are as lovely as the bartenders, which effectively makes it easy to stay long and forget about a life that is depending on SU.


However, a visit is worth all the resources you can afford as the beautiful surroundings down Gammel Strand with the rest of all the other trendy cocktail bars in Copenhagen open up for a night in true going out-spirit. Around midnight the place is usually so crowded that it is hard to move. People have by this time inhaled an excess amount of the great ambiance and the cocktails are exchanged to a couple of shaken shots.  ”Empire State of Mind” with Jay Z and Alicia Keys is queued and when the speakers start to roll, the transformation takes place from a calm cocktail-night into a cosy dance floor. Whilst singing along loud with Mrs. Keys ‘in New Yooork’, sipping  a tasty cocktail, taking another pair of shaken shots and giving a stranger a kiss on the cheek – I will promise you that your night has only just begun. Well, if Madame Chu’s slogan is anything to go by, “anything is possible and everything is for sale as she offers you her forbidden delights”, I can ensure you to wake up with a hangover and 3 new added contacts on your cell.

General Information

Where? Gammel strand 40, 1202 København K

When? Wednesday – Saturday, 18:00 –> until you decide to go

With who? Bring a friend or two. Text the rest of your crew to join later for an absinthe-story that will make each one of you forget your names in the next couple of hours.

Why? For having a great time whilst feeling like Uma Thurman, cunningly sipping cocktails in some of the Kill Bill movies at a cool, secret bar waiting for someone to assassinate.

How much? One drink = 100 DKK. Bring a cute friend and you’ll get two for 150. More info:

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