Copenhagen’s Treasures: Torvehallerne

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The newly (late 2011) finished town market on Israels Plads in Copenhagen, Denmark”It is not a supermarket – it is a super market.” So it says when you visit the sites that describe the experience you get in Torvehallerne.


Torvehallerne is situated in the midst of Copenhagen, yet it is rather hidden if you don’t know where to look. However, when you do find it, I doubt you will ever forget it again. The market is situated on Frederiksboggade 21 in the midst of Copenhagen. It is right by the Metro on Nørreport st. so you should be able to find it.

Why you should go

Entering Torvehallerne you are met with crowds of different people, mainly hipsters, who will ever so subtly act as if they do all their grocery shopping in this organic, fair-trade Mekka.  People are walking around and skipping from stand to stand to experience all of the treasures in here, whether it being Italian tapas dishes made in front of you, freshly made sushi, or the organic soap and cream stands, which offer test tries and heart-felt advice. I have never been to Torvehallerne on a “quiet” day, which means you will have to prepare for the crowd of people but it is as if it’s a part of the charm. It helps create the atmosphere of an old fashioned marketplace, where sellers with all kinds of nationalities are represented and it makes for an interesting and very dynamic sentiment.

images-2There are more than 60 shops, which are all of high quality. For instance, Politikken has voted one particular French stand called “Ma Poule” selling a confit-de-canard sandwich to have “The Best Sandwich in the City”. The same kind of nomination has been  given to the exclusive sushi stand called “Sushi Lovers”. Yes, I bet you see the pattern: passion and quality, that’s exactly right, but Torvehallerne is also quite innovative in introducing new concepts, which has been very successful. For example, “Cofoco Supermarché” is the first supermarket in Denmark to sell frozen ready-made meals made by professional chefs.

No matter what your tastes, you will be able to find something that fascinates, inspires or tempts you in Torvehallerne, and the level of service will not disappoint you either. Torvehallerne is the place where the greengrocers are wearing suits and butterflies and where every stand is customized to fit the personality of the owner.

So grab your friends or your family and experience this unique super market!

For more information

Visit their Facebook page here.

Check out their website

Address: Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København

Opening hours:

Mon – Thurs: 10 – 19

Friday: 10-20

Saturday: 10-18

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