#CPHFTW and CPH Tech Fest, The Ultimate Startup Community

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Yesterday, in a location where people usually go to let themselves go, relax and, to be frank, just to get high; there was a gathering of a different sort. Near the heart of Christiania, one of the most prominent and distinguished startup events in Copenhagen went down. As I checked in digitally on my phone (because how else would you check into a tech startup conference), a free, ice cold draft beer plopped right in my hand, (gifted by Vivino). Within the musky, grandiose building that is Den Grå Hal;  with its enormously high ceiling, spacious floor, and somewhat grungy feel, I couldn’t really imagine a better spot to host the various types of tech startup folks. Once the feeling of the place enveloped me, and after taking a couple of sips from my beer, the next obvious step was to place my bum on a stool made out of cardboard and wait for the show.



CPHFTW (Copenhagen For The Win) is a startup community which formed in 2013 when 70 people with various roles within the Copenhagen tech startup scene gathered in a town house to discuss, debate and deliberate about what’s going on in their field. Since then the organisation and their events have considerably outgrown itself and now hosts and boasts more than 500 attendees and almost 400 startups.

This years event was particularly spectacular since it was done in collaboration with Copenhagen Tech Fest, which all you startup fans will be delighted to hear, is still going on until the end of September. The overarching aim behind Copenhagen Tech Fest is to determine how tech affects the daily life of every individual and the events introduce the latest and fastest growing tech startups. If anyone is still interested, there are still 22 events left and 10,000 guests to network with throughout the festival. This is the first year they are organizing this and if anybody reading this want to get involved, the host announced their openness regarding new ideas for micro events next year.


Now let’s move onto the juicier bits, the event itself showcased some introductory pitches, international speeches done through panel, and of course, what would any startup event be without a little bit (or in some cases a lot) of networking. The first part of the event introduced some of the more noteworthy up and coming startups who have managed to raise considerable funds this past month. These startups were Pleo, Corti, Dixie, Tattoodo (my personal favourite), Peakon, and Famly.

Although the introduction of up and coming start ups (except for tattoodo) didn’t exactly float my boat, the panel discussion had an opposite effect and it certainly featured amazing stories with an abundance of information on the workings of startups. The moderator was none other than Robert Scoble, an american VR guru involved in many next gen VR projects. The rest of the panel consisted of co-founders Gert Sylvest from Tradeshift, Matias Møl Dalsgaard from Gomore, and Christian Brøndum from Planday.


The topics covered a variety of sensitive issues that startup owners could and most of the time do run into, such as the complexities of pitching, the ultimate tools to use, strategies on how to raise capital, dealing with the terrors of downswings and unsurities, and best of all, how to celebrate victories. Each founder had a totally unique input on the different topics and it was mind blowing to see how they all dealt with these issues in their own ways.

The final stage (before the heavy drinking and networking that is) of this benevolent event was the moment all graduates and students were waiting for, the job offerings (aka job erupt). Eight companies battling it out on the stage, to prove that they are the best fit. My personal favourite, Siteimprove, who brew their own beer (called The Siteimprove API) and even have a rooftop bar. In any case I’m not gonna be greedy and keep all of the companies that are hiring for myself, rather you can find thm here (link to career section of website):
GoMore, Siteimprove, Tradeshift, Simplesite, Realm, Templafy, Trustpilot and TwentyThree

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  • Jessica O'Sullivan-Munck
    September 16, 2016 - Reply

    I think you mean Siteimprove instead of SimpleSite when you reference brewing beer (The Siteimprove API beer) and our rooftop bar :)

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