The Day the CBS Screen Stood Still

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CBS students don’t have school spirit in the traditional sense. We don’t host parades, and many of us walk past the CBS Collection booth the same way people walk past those amnesty international volunteers. But there’s some things that really reveal a community that exists under the surface.

One of those opportunities happened this week when a campus navigation screen malfunctioned at Solberg Plads. The campus navigation screens were installed at the two ends of of SP over the Christmas break. Normally the help guides new students to their rooms around campus. but on monday this week one of them restarted and the program that normally runs on it was replaced with a windows desktop.

It wasn’t long until students from all programs took advantage of this opportunity to share their interests with the world. Starting with people typing thoughts into a doc it quickly escalated. Before long students entering the school were greeted with “er det fredag”?.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.47.53 AM



This was followed by a bounty of youtube videos.

Nyan cat

Nick & Jay

He-Man HEYEAYEA Song for 10 Hours



These are the things that bring us together as a student body,and as a community. Even if we don’t always wear our school colours(well just one colour really), all CBS students would treasure the opportunity to mess with that screen and it’s on these things that we build common ground!

Stay Classy CBS.

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