Dear Santa #1

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Dear Santa,

It has been a long time since I’ve written to you. Well to be honest it was never me; my mom used to sit and write while I dictated my letters. She had a habit of rephrasing what I said into more adult-like sentences, but in the end I would always sign it with my ugly, incomprehensible signature and send the self-decorated envelope to you. And then I found toys wrapped in colourful papers by my bed every Christmas morning (probably from my mom). It was a lovely tradition, but now, now I need you for real!


Why do people assume that children are the ones who need gifts from you? They get a lot of presents they don’t really need, from their families anyway… What about us, students, who are constantly broke and in need of things? Why don’t you take care of us? It is hard enough to be a student in the first place, but if you consider the economy we’re living in, it is almost unbearable. Do you know how many students live from couch to couch in the beginning of each school year? Too many to count! And when they finally do find something, it is a 15 square meter room for 3500 DKK and that is if they’re lucky… In my case it was 12 square meters on Nørrebro for 3000 DKK. I barely squeezed myself in this tiny room but already after a single semester I have to shove myself out. It’s amazing how much stuff a teeny-weeny room like that can store. Moving in was easier than moving out.


So it turns out I’m “between homes”… A shocker!

As romantic and adventurous as it may sound, I don’t want to live out of a suitcase. And that is what I have been doing for the last month, couch-surfing from friend to friend, buddy to buddy, and soon I’ll start sleeping wherever they let me in. It was fun for a week or two but now I’m starting to get annoyed. I don’t want to be “address-less” – or worse, technically homeless, for Christmas.

You might ask if I’ve been good this year. Well, what can I say… I was not perfect but I’ve tried. Hope I get points for that – if not I pinky promise to do better next year. All jokes aside, I really need you to help me out.

I know you can’t fit an apartment in your sleigh, but a key with an address would do as well. Christ, it would be amazing! A small space with a reasonable rent, that I could call my own, personal home for at least a couple of years.

Please don’t forget to stop by. I’ll welcome you with a big smile, gløgg and christmas cookies.



P.S. If your magic does not work and you can’t find me, I’ll be staying at Maria’s place (If you do come, bring something for her too!).

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Tammy is a third year Information Management student, the study program she very randomly chose, but has come to enjoy and even love. Tammy has been living in Denmark for about eight years. The Danish culture has worked its way through and accommodated itself in her heart by now, even though it is very different from her own Georgian culture. When she is not geeking over fantasy and apocalyptic fiction, she enjoys the company of her dear friends and classmates with or with out alcohol involvement. Tammy is fairly creative, or at least she’d like to think so. She paints and draws weird pictures when she is not being choked by homework or other evil distractions and some day hopes to exhibit them. All in all Tammy is a happy and friendly person… ☺

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