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In this new line of articles, we are going to focus on different styles that you will meet at CBS, and where to get them. Previously, you have been introduced to great clothing brands. The third brand we are going to introduce is the classic jewelry brand, Dyrberg/Kern, which is the perfect way to accessorize. CBSLife had a talk with an amazing representative, who took us behind the stage with this classic Danish brand.


Source: Dyrberg/Kern

Since 1985 Dyrberg/Kern has been designing jewelry for women worldwide. Dyrberg/Kern is a fashion jewelry brand, which means that their seasons run exactly the same way as in the conventional fashion world, with two main collections and two intermediate collections every year. Therefore, Dyrberg/Kern has a design studio in their headquarters in Copenhagen, which creates a collection based on today’s trends and special aesthetics. It is especially in architecture and art that the designers find their inspiration for the collections. It often starts with a feeling, whether it be from music, theater, or another place, and from there the aesthetic development process takes over.


At Dyrberg/Kern, there is not a defined target group, as it no longer makes sense to restrict the age. The brand would rather focus on communication and design towards a particular type of girl and woman. Age has indeed little to do with style, strength, and confidence. Their type of woman is strong and independent, and has a clear vision of herself and her own personal style. The jewelry is used to express her personality, and she is not afraid to stand out and to “make a statement” with her expression. Women should be commended and praised, and Dyrberg/Kern do so with their unique designs and jewelry.


Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern met at the Danish Design School, and has since been partners and creative directors. Thus, Dyrberg and Kern are still a part of the everyday life in the house and their strong visual identity shines through in all of the house’s activities including collections, designs, and concepts. They ensure a continuous innovation in their beautiful handmade jewelry.


Source: Dyrberg/Kern

The best place to shop in Copenhagen is either at Illums Bolighus, Magasin or online at

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