How to dress for CBS: Tiger of Sweden

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In this new line of articles, we are going to focus on different styles that you will meet at CBS and where to get them. The first brand we are going to introduce is the classic CBS-style from Tiger of Sweden, a classic Swedish and Scandinavian brand. CBSLife met an awesome representative at their beautiful headquarters in Østerbro.


The manifesto is simple. Taking the suit out of the bank and onto the street. Tiger of Sweden has been around since 1903, but relaunched in the early 1990′s. Their new approach enables you to adopt a simple yet classy style with a completely new fit, which is very far from the corny image that men in suits must look like old men.


Source: Tiger of Sweden


In other words, Tiger of Sweden has created “The 24/7 Suit”, clothes that can be worn from going to work in the morning until leaving the last bar and going home to sleep.


All jackets can be worn without a tie and go well with jeans. The pants have a low waist and are made to be comfortable. Their entire collection is extremely well-tailored Scandinavian fashion. Their suits are especially attractive to the young and trendy city crowd – perfect for when you have to dress for CBS, go to work or hang around the city with style.


In the late 1990′s Tiger of Sweden also launched their first women’s collection based on the same concept, trendy suits.


Source: Tiger of Sweden

You can find their stores in Copenhagen, either on Christian Ix’s Gade 1 or in Illum.

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