Forno a Legna: The Italian hangover cure

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Ever attended a lecture half dying on a Friday morning after a particularly wild night at Nexus? I have. One thing that always makes me feel better on such occasions is pizza. Fresh from the oven, cheesy, delicious Italian pizza. Located just around the corner from Solbjerg Plads is Forno a Legna; a little piece of Rome in the middle of Frederiksberg. Their stone baked pizza aroma will make your mouth water the minute you walk through the door.

The ultimate Italian experience.
Had I known about this place last semester it would have made my 8 AM Microeconomic classes bearable, knowing there is an amazing pizza waiting for breakfast after two hours of what felt like hell. This is why I simply had to share this discovery with the rest of you guys. The restaurant – if you can even call it that – doesn’t look like much from the outside but believe me when I tell you it’s one of the top pizza places I’ve visited in Copenhagen. Thin, crispy crust, delicious fresh toppings and no holding back on the cheese. Making the whole pizza experience even more authentic are the guys behind the counter shouting at each other – and even sometimes at you – in Italian!

Via: Sara Gholami

Their menu consists of around 30 different pizzas including white pizzas (no tomato sauce) and plenty of vegetarian options. I enjoyed my eggplant and Grana pizza by the window along with a blood orange San Pellegrino while people watching on Falkonér Alle. It almost made me feel like I was back in the streets of Rome until it started pouring down rain and I was firmly reminded that I was in fact in Denmark. Either way, that didn’t stop me from enjoying my meal!
I would suggest going there for lunch as the place fills up around dinner time (6 PM); the queue of people was literally out the door. While there is seating for around 15 people most orders are placed to go, so there is a constant flow of people in the small pizzeria.

Via: Sara Gholami

There’s not much else to say except: GO THERE!

Amazing pizza at student friendly prices (50-70 DKK for a pizza) with a relaxed atmosphere before having to hit the books again. You know where you’ll find me next Friday morning…

Where: Falkoner Alle 42, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Contact: +45 35 39 50 12

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Sara is currently on her sixth semester of Business Language & Culture specializing in Spanish after having lived in Madrid, indulging in mountains of tapas and sangria. She is somewhat of a language wiz, speaking 4 other languages besides her native Greek, but her main passions in life are food and fashion. If only those two could be combined...

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  • Eda
    April 17, 2015 - Reply

    Great article ! Tremendous writing skills ! Very informative ! Definitely somewhere I will go after a wild night at Nexus, thanks for the tip… oops I mean the crust ;) ; ) ;) ; )

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