Are you gonna eat that? Getting to know CBS Volunteering – A Two-Part Series

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When great things are done from the good of people’s hearts, it’s not enough for us to simply write a single article about it. Instead, two of our writers, Sara Gholami and Olav Soldal, have joined forces to create a two-part series on CBS Volunteering, and their recent event on food waste. This is the first part of the series. Stay tuned for part 2 – coming to you on the 11th May 2016 at 11am (+2GMT).

Food waste has become a major global issue and more focus has been brought upon it in the past couple of years. Living alone, I often find it hard to use up all the groceries I buy for the week as eating the same thing for many days in a row can get really boring! Other times, I can have a really busy week where I’m not at home very much and then the food just rots away in the fridge. Each scenario occurs on an everyday basis, especially for us students, and single households are actually the primary source of food waste! I didn’t know that before I attended the “Business of Wasted Food” event hosted by CBSVolunteering last month. Speakers included Dansk Supermarked, The Food Bank and the two guys behind the “Too Good To Go” app to name a few. Despite coming from very different sectors of society, each and every one of them is trying to do their part on minimizing food waste. Dansk Supermarked turns 75% of their waste into bio gas, The Food Bank donates the wasted food from supermarkets to homeless shelters and “Too Good To Go” is a new concept where you can buy a bag of surplus food at a very reduced price from a variety of restaurants just before closing.

After hearing what all the speakers had to say about food waste it got me thinking: how much food am I actually wasting? I tried observing my eating habits for a couple of weeks and despite finishing most of my fresh produce, I still had quite a bit of waste. So I came up with 8 steps everyone can try and incorporate into their everyday eating habits. Not only will this save you money but you’ll also be doing society and the environment a favor.

8 ways to minimize your food waste as a CBS student:

  1. Monitor your eating habits for 1-2 weeks and see what’s left behind. Is it usually a few limp carrots rotting away in the bottom of your vegetable drawer? Or is it those two sad apples sunbathing on your windowsill?
  2. Write down what items you tend to throw away, or what you can’t seem to use up.
  3. Adjust your grocery list – for instance buy half a liter of milk instead one and buy potatoes and other root vegetables by the kilo instead of in massive bags.
  4. Freeze things! Don’t buy 5 kilos of chicken just because it’s on sale at Netto and force yourself to eat chicken for the rest of the month – freeze it into smaller portions!
  5. Store your food properly – if you don’t seal cheese and ham properly it will go dry within days. Also don’t keep your fruit and vegetables in plastic bags as this creates moisture and makes them soggy.
  6. Meal plan – do a rough plan of what meals you are planning to eat throughout the week. This will make you shop smarter and usually you can use the same ingredients for different dishes.
  7. This goes without saying but: first in first out! Then reward yourself with ice cream from the freezer for not throwing away that two day old lasagna.
  8. When eating at a restaurant, ask for a to-go box for your leftovers. Help the restaurant minimize their food waste.Plus you’ve got lunch for the next day.


These are just some of my tips on how you as an individual can reduce the amount of food you throw away. It might not seem as much to waste a bit here and there, but it can quickly add up! Youtube is a great source of recipe ideas if you’re struggling with a lack of variety in your meals, and cooking with friends will also introduce you to new flavors whilst consuming everything before the expiration date.

So please think again before saying goodbye to that semi brown banana – maybe its dying wish is to become a banana cake ;)



Remember to stay tuned for part 2 – coming to you on the 11th May 2016 at 11am (+2GMT).


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Sara is currently on her sixth semester of Business Language & Culture specializing in Spanish after having lived in Madrid, indulging in mountains of tapas and sangria. She is somewhat of a language wiz, speaking 4 other languages besides her native Greek, but her main passions in life are food and fashion. If only those two could be combined...

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