GUIDE: Surviving the Danish Winter

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Everyone in Denmark knows the feeling when your alarm goes off and the only thing you see is the darkness blooming outside of your window featured with coldness and that oh-so-heavy wind. The best of us might actually get up, ride our bikes to school and maybe even smile a little, but don’t worry if that’s not you. These 5 life hacks will help you survive the next months that seem to last forever.

 1. The perfect mantra: It won’t last forever. Keep telling yourself that freezing your eyelashes off is not normal for at least three months a year. You can make it through till then. And if anything, avoiding the horrible winter weather can actually make you study more.

2. Retire your cool leather jacket and change it to a warm, not-so-fancy winter coat. This is the best realization I’ve ever had. When the temperature drops under -5 degrees, nobody cares about what you look like. So go ahead, rock that ugly Christmas sweater you got from your blind grandma ten years ago, because proper attire saves lives. Keeping warm makes life a lot better and outdoors more tempting.

 3. Make yourself enjoy it. I’m not saying you have to listen to the same Christmas carols and “All I want for Christmas is you” for months, but getting excited for Christmas can be helpful. Or going outside and making snow angels. Or skiing. (Or booking a flight to somewhere warm, that’s what I would do.) Finding something good about winter is the ultimate key to survival.

4. Think about the less fortunate. Winters in, for example, Finland tend to get even darker, colder and more depressing than the Danish ones. Instead of a nice winter breeze and -10 degrees, it could be -25 degrees. If that doesn’t make you gleeful and happy for the Danish winter, there is no way to help you.

5. Finally, HYGGE, because what’s an article about Denmark without the word hygge in it? Stock up on beautiful candles, watch Friends on Netflix and eat tons of chocolate. Consuming hot chocolate and gløgg could be a good idea as well. The relaxing effect is doubled if you enjoy the cozy indoor atmosphere together with your fellow sufferers.

To quote my friend: ”Even the weather in hell is more appealing than the Danish winter, because it’s warm there.” So good luck my friends, hope you all survive.

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