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Coco Chanel once said “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion”.  Some of us are not so fortunate. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish fashionistas on the web that can teach us a thing or two about style, personality, fashion and design, to keep us from being so last season.

Scandinavian Invasion

During the last few years Scandinavian blogs have begun to get immense attention. It is their sense of unique style and charming, personal blog posts that make the northern men and women so outstanding in the massive crowd of fashion blogs. Here are a couple of the best ones: Elin Kling is a Swedish fashion blogger whom you might know for her design collaboration with H&M that got the web stirring in 2011. She was the first blogger ever to partner up with the world-renowned brand and looking at her blog it is clear why she had the honour. Her amazing sense of elegance and chicness in grey, white and black is bound to inspire anyone. She writes about her life as model/designer/editor etc. in her two homes Stockholm and New York. Hanneli Mustaparta is a model, a journalist, a stylist and a world famous fashionista. Her work for Vogue magazine and has created incredible traffic on her blog. She reports from fashion weeks, galas, parties and balls that you can only dream to attend, wearing a great mix of out-of-our-league couture and high street steals. Her pretty face and quirky sense of style has made Ulrikke Lund one of bloglovin’s most followed bloggers. Colourful and beautiful images from the streets of Bergen, New York, Paris and London record the life of the Norwegian belle wearing dreamy outfits. And though she adds exquisite and expensive items to her wardrobe, she often adds items that are both accessible and affordable to her readers presenting a great source of inspiration.

Lovely Lifestyles

Some bloggers create a universe through their posts that is so enviable and desirable you can’t keep from coming back for more. Two of these bloggers are named Emily Schuman and Emily Salomon. Emily Schuman is an LA based blogger who makes recipes, outfit posts and travel pieces with a magical feminine glow. She just wrote a book named after her blog that has immediately become an American bestseller. Whether its styling, interior design or cuisine Emily does it perfectly – the blog is worth a visit. Emily Schuman’s Danish equivalent is Emily Salomon. With the same grace and girly charm she inspires you to cook, shop and decorate in pink and gold.


If you’re not looking for any blogs to read (except  for ours, of course!) but simply need a touch of fashion inspiration, check out some of these street style blogs. is one of the best you get. It provides pictures from every fashion week in every fashion capital of the world and features models, actresses and civilian fashion lovers in all types of unique outfits. is quite similar but focuses on Copenhagen and Berlin and almost exclusively features passer by with great style.

A tip is to hit and add your favourite blogs. This way you’ll get all new post from all your favourite places in one location.

Happy blogging!

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