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Cooking on a student budget isn’t always easy, and making up delicious and inspired dishes after a week of studying is even harder. More often than not you end up celebrating Friday night with a cup of instant noodles or a soggy take out pizza, and suddenly you catch yourself eating pasta more than three times a week. But don’t worry – help is near! Whether you want to impress your friends with your amazing skills, woo that special someone, or simply just enjoy a great meal, inspiration is on its way! These four fabulous food-blogs are destined to make you grab an apron and get going!

The Vegan

If you still haven’t done anything about that new years resolution of losing weight, you might want to check out Angela’s delicious blog. If you are vegan, vegetarian, a raw-food enthusiast or just generally curious, this is the place! The range of recipes is wide – from refreshing salads to warming soups, over veggie-burgers, pizzas and curries. The blog is full of colourful pictures that remind you of summer and sunshine – and the food looks nothing like your last diet! Oh, she glows – and soon you will too.

The Scandinavian

“If it’s your first night at Food Club, you have to cook!” This is the welcome from the Danish food blog Food Club – but don’t be intimidated! The recipes are Scandinavian inspired dishes that work well with your student budget. They are easy and fun, and full of childhood memories. Old-fashioned Danish pancakes and strawberry juice are some of the sweet offerings, but mostly this blog is for that perfect breakfast that will keep you going all day, using all of Scandinavia’s gorgeous grains and flours. Porridges, breads, smoothies and muffins are just some of the things you’ll be dying to make after checking out the site. If you still don’t feel like cooking, at least you can dream yourself away to better days with their beautiful vintage-like photos.

The Indulgent

If raw food and breakfast cereals didn’t inspire you, the next blog is bound to catch your interest. Running through the pages of Burger Anarchy you can almost hear the deep fryer sizzling. Simon and Rob are two London blokes who like their Burgers large and with an extra order of fries. Their blog is a mixture of restaurant reviews and their own recipes. They make everything from burger and sauces to hotdogs and sandwiches, every single one representing your entire nutritional requirements for the week. Check them out if you need to cook a heart-attack provoking, grease-dripping and completely MANLY feast.

The Easy Way

If your still not feeling the call of the kitchen, a night out might be the answer. There is no better cooking inspiration than eating a well prepared meal in wonderfull surroundings. If you are tired of the local sushi place or the McDonalds around the corner, you might want to check out Very Good Food – The Gastronaut’s guide to Copenhagen. Trine Lai’s food blog is a mix of gastronomic news and articles and her own restaurant reviews. Her EAT CPH guide offers reviews of a variety of Copenhagens best restaurants, ranging from the most expensive to the cosiest everyday spots. The guides allow you to check out price ranges and wine menus and offer links for table reservations. A night out at any of these places is sure to inspire you – or maybe comfort you after your own failed attempts at gastronomy.

If you are allergic or simply just sensitive, might be a great start for you. If you are looking for a plain delicious meal, you can try the easy recipes at or the fabulous sweets at

Now start cooking!


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