Housing Anywhere? What about in Denmark?

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According to the ministry of education, from 2008 to 2014 the number of international students have doubled in Denmark. Despite Copenhagen being one of the most modern cities in the world, the government seems to be struggling with this inflow of international students. We’ve all had the problem, whether Dane or International, finding a place to live is nearly well impossible, unless you know where to look. Most of us have tried Bolig Portal, Leje Bolig or Bolig Basen. Some good looking girls or expats with work contracts might have even had luck finding something through these godforsaken websites. But what about the rest of us? Housing Anywhere is looking out for us students by creating a system designed just for us. 

The beauty of this housing website is that when students leave the country for an internship, or go on exchange abroad; they can sublet their apartments to other students who are coming in. This does not seem that special at a first glance, but their are several advantages to this. First and foremost being that it is exclusive to us, the students. By making the platform exclusive to us, Housing Anywhere can ensure that it is 100 percent safe. They achieve this by requiring all sub-lessors to register on the website using their student email and by implementing the secure booking system. The secure booking system works in a similar way to Airbnb, the first transaction goes through Housing Anywhere and once everything is running smoothly payments can go directly to the sub-lessor. Another major advantage of this exclusivity to us is that we get introduced to locals right of the bat.

So for this sounds like a promising housing platform, but I’ll bet you are all wondering how much is this gonna cost. Especially since we all know that other housing websites are super expensive; Boligportal costs 289DKK/month, Boligbasen is 600DKK and Lejebolig is 299/month. So how much is Housing Anywhere gonna cost you? Z-E-R-O. Yup, it’s for free. Their are 115 universities across the globe who are kind enough to pay for Housing Anywhere’s services, meaning that we don’t have to pay a cent (or a krone in your case) to find an apartment. Which raises the question: Is this platform restricted to cities where the partnered universities are located? The answer is nope, Housing Anywhere has a presence in over 500 cities around the world.

So next time your leaving for an internship or exchange abroad, forget all these pricey housing websites and give Housing Anywhere a whirl. Who knows what you’ll find; locals, internationals, friends, or even adventures. One thing is for sure though, you’ll find a place to stay.




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