Dress Like a Dane: An Outsider’s Guide to Danish Fashion

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Welcome to Copenhagen Business School! It is a pleasure to see so many new students coming from all over the world and strengthen the international atmosphere around campus. Being an international student myself, I remember the mix of excitement and fear I was feeling during my first weeks in Copenhagen. Getting into a new cultural environment is a tough challenge for everyone – but getting into the Danish one is an even greater one. But, read on, and I promise you, we’ can make it through together.

You may have noticed how Danish people have their own style, and are very proud of it! It is hard to dress up as a Dane, and this is why I have decided to guide your way through Danish fashion, giving you a few easy, but useful tips to camouflage and look like a Dane.

Rule 1: Black.

Summer is coming to its end, so forget about the ubiquitous, white summer dresses that fluttered around the knees of almost every girl in Copenhagen this season. The next season’s trend color (like any other season, actually) is black. A lot of black. Days are growing shorter, darkness is coming earlier, and Danes seem to enjoy reflecting this seasonal change by wearing the night’s color.

Rule 2: Get loose.

Once you have applied the first rule about black, you have to work on your attitude: Self-confidence is the key word. Just because you are not wearing colors it does not mean you are representing death and all bad things related: raise your head, walk as you rock this world and nothing can stop you.

Source: sheinside.com

It will be soon time to buy a new coat to survive Denmark’s coldness. Well, next time you’ll walk in Strøget looking for this item, keep one thing in mind:  The looser, the better. Danish girls love wearing big, loose (and, of course, black), coats. It looks cool, it is comfortable, warm, and – let’s be honest- it makes your legs look skinnier ;)

Rule 3: It’s gotta be the shoes.

Source: nike.com

You can’t mess it up down on your feet. A pair of leather biker boots, with or without heels, will add a cool touch to your entire outfit. Otherwise, if you are planning on staying comfortable, you can opt for a pair of sneakers – preferably Nike – that will make your outfit look casual yet fashionable… and very Dane-like! If you feel like you’re missing colours in your everyday look, this is the perfect item to get creative with: you can get them in purple, blue, orange or pink – and they will give you the illuminating touch you seek.

Rule 4: Embrace the Messy Bun.

Source: youtube.com

We are not done yet. Your feet are fixed now, but what about your head? Only one rule stands here: the messier your hair looks, the cooler you are. Have you ever noticed the amount of extremely messy buns around the campus? OK. Now it is the time to stop thinking “Oh my Gosh,that girl should get herself a hairbrush” or “She was probably such in a hurry this morning”, and accept it as it is as your daily hairstyle. Moreover, you can make it look nicer and distinguishable with a little braid on the side.

Rule 5: Cherries on the top.

Here are a few must-have items for the complete Dane-look:

Source: nelly.com

DAY by Birger and Mikkelsen‘s bag is definitely an accessory you can’t miss. It is perfect for carrying everything you need on a daily basis as a CBS student: PC, tons of books, water bottle, lunch box, workout clothes. This bag comes in different colors, sizes and prints.


Source: mosscopenhagen.com

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more diminuitive bag in the Danish style, you should opt for a bumbag. It is perfect for a night out clubbing, or for a chill walk around the city, as it is comfortable to carry around, and spacious enough for all the things you need. You can get a sleek bumbag at Moss Copenhagen.


Source: h&m.com

If you are struggling trying to find a suitable clubbing outfit, have you considered a tank top? Danish girls look so gorgeous wearing tops with laces and tiny shoulder straps. This one from H&M is a perfect example.

I hope these few tips will make your experience at CBS a little bit easier and more fashionable… and that you will enjoy emulating the authentic Dane look!

I welcome you all to CBS and wish you the best of luck with your stay in Copenhagen!

About the Author :

Zoe is a 19-years old Italo Brazilian. She travelled to Copenhagen last year for the first time to start her BSc in International Business. She speaks five languages, plus she is learning Danish. When she is not attending class, you can find her at Nexus sipping Vanilla Chai Latte with Soy Milk listening to R&B on Spotify. Her idea of "chilling" is laying by the lakes (Søerne) with a bottle of white wine, a box of strawberries and a couple of friends.

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