How To: Drink for Two Weeks on 500 DKK

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All of us have been there. You wake up around noon the next day, unsure of when you got home and even less sure of where you were last night. You seem to recall buying a round for everyone in the bar, once… maybe twice. Then you check the bank account and you know it’s serious. You’ve got 500 kr. left to last you the month, and you’ve still got two weeks left to go. As any good student knows, there are three important parts to life: eating, sleeping and boozing; and you still need to get drunk on that 500 kr.

There are two directions to go when you’re looking to drink on the cheap, and it all comes down to whether you can stomach rot-gut vodka. The cheapest (and probably the most efficient) way of getting drunk when you’re running short on cash is to look for the smallest number on the hard alcohol shelves on your way through the check out line. The brand I chose was Vlakoff Vodka. It tasted terrible and had this astringent rubbing alcohol taste. The best thing to do with terrible Vodka however is to do as the Russians do; put it on ice. The cold hides the taste and makes it slightly more palatable. So, when your friends are heading out, you take a swig or two or five (or wuss out and have a few glasses of water mixed with vodka) and hope they can drink quickly enough to catch up.

If you’re not a vodka person, there are other options. If you have a bit of cash saved up, buy a 24 bottle case of a cheap store brand beer. They’re usually around 60 kr. + pant. This means roughly 100 kr for you and 24 beers for you to drink.  While they aren’t the best beers, you can experiment on which one you like the best because they’re only a few kroner per bottle. I personally prefers Haribou’s brew, which tastes not completely terrible.

Now the real problem. Your apartment is full of cheap beer and vodka, but your friends want to start at 8 and finish at 5. It’s difficult for even the most hard core drunkard to put away enough alcohol in their stomach to last 9 hours (in vodka or in beer), so you just need to take some initiative. Suggest perhaps going to an “all you can drink” bar. All it takes is a bit of searching and you’ll find many places that will, for about a 50 kr entry fee, let you in to drink as much beer as you want until midnight. So far, the two best I’ve found are Kulør bar and A-Bar. Pro-tip: when you find the bar see if you can swindle yourself a pitcher. Once it gets close to midnight, start pouring your glasses into the pitcher and then head back to the bar to refill that glass as many times as humanly possible before the clock strikes twelve. If you do it right, you have beer for another hour or so.

If you’ve done everything correctly, hopefully you can drink enough to forget how you spent all your money at the casino or buying drinks from the bar. Just remember not to leave the last of your money in your wallet. You still need enough money to buy Pasta and Ketchup!

Keep an eye out for Part II: How To: Eat for Two Weeks on Only 500kr.

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