How to: Eat for Two Weeks on 300 kr.

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So, you wake up one Sunday morning and you realize every bit of money in your bank account went somewhere last night. Whether it was shots for the whole bar, a drink for every girl that even showed a slight interest or if you just drank yourself under the table on the XO Cognac (or whatever classy liquor you could find). So, you only have that little 500 kr. bill you set aside “for emergencies.” A lesser student would give up and start borrowing money from their parents, friends and maybe taking up begging alongside the local homeless person, but not you. You don’t need to suffer the shame or humiliation of admitting you went on the bender of a lifetime to your parents, because CBSLife is here to help.

In the first article of this series, we told you how to shop smart for alcohol. Now that you’ve bought your crate of beer and can happily drink for the rest of these two weeks you should have about 300 kr. left.

Whether you’re currently rich or poor, make sure you shop around. It really helps to know what the cheapest grocery store is. It may be different in your area, but out on Amager the cheapest I’ve found is Aldi, with Rema 1000 being a reasonably priced second. It may mean a reduction in quality, but you don’t really care about quality when making bread and butter or a fancy menu of pasta and ketchup. Netto sometimes also has cheap offers, such as cookies for 5kr if you’re in dire need of snacks while you study. Who isn’t?!

The best plan for making sure you stay within budget is to go shopping twice. The first time you go price shopping, use a blank list as your starting place. Just take a pencil and paper and write down the price for everything you’d like, and if you’re as irresponsible with money as I am, don’t take any money with you.  Once you’ve got the prices of everything, then you can go home and decide what you can and can’t survive without over these next two weeks, and go shopping properly. This time, with money.

Try to remember to cover the basic food groups, because if you miss something important, it can lead to you feeling sickly or having wild cravings (at the end of one of the months I’ve had to do this, I ended up needing to have oranges; so I spent my last 50 kr. on a 2 litre bottle of Orange soda pop and a huge bag of oranges).

So, work your hardest to put that keen, frugal financial mind to the test budgeting every item you can into your last few kroner. Now all you can do is wait and see if you bought enough food not to starve and hope that this budget business lesson will stick enough to avoid student poverty next month.

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