How To Find A Place To Live in Copenhagen Part II

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One of your biggest concerns when moving to Copenhagen is to find a place to live so here we have gathered some of the websites that can be useful when house-hunting.

Kollegiernes Kontorer i København

Kollegiernes Kontorer i København (KKIK) is a website which administrates the waiting lists for many kollegiums in Copenhagen. It’s a good place to begin as you can easily sign up for many rooms that matche your preferences both in size and hopefully also in price. Prices vary from place to place but generally, kollegiums should be a bit cheaper than most places you can find. The waiting lists, however, are long and you need to sign up way in advance of when you actually need the room. It is a good idea to sign up even before you received your acceptance letter from CBS and, or maybe even when you apply. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up so there are no risks associated it.


This is a site where privately owned homes are put up for rent and you contact the landlords directly. It costs 365kr. for two months access.When you contact the landlords it is a good idea to have your “buddy” or Danish friends look through the letter before you send it as to be most appealing.

Find Bolig Nu

This is the same concept as Boligportalen, where people put of their apartments for rent, but this website also includes kollegiums that are not available through Kollegiernes Kontorer I København. Therefore, it might be easier to get a room at a favorable price and within a reasonable period of time. However, we must warn incoming students that not all rooms are in good condition and it might be wise to check out the place before accepting an offer.


This is the same concept as Boligportalen and works really well.  You can decide for yourself if you want to use it and spend the extra money, but it is nice to know your options when you become desperate to find a place.

Housing Support

If your room has a sink, it qualifies you to receive housing support, which is a nice way for you to lower your rent a bit.  The amount you will receive varies with the size of your room and the rent, but it is not uncommon for people to get something between 400-700kr. pr. month. Thus, it really can make a huge difference in your budget. You can apply online, but it is really much easier just going to Borgerservice. By the time you have a place to live, chances are that you already have a CPR-number and a nem-ID, which are both required in order to apply. Beware, that if your rent exceeds half of your monthly income your kommune will call you up with the unpleasant message that they have the right to not pay housing support. Therefore, be ready with an answer about how you are going to pay the rent and then they will probably let you off the hook and give it to you anyway.


This is great concept where you can find rooms for rent but more importantly as the name indicates you can find roommates to share the rent with. This can be quite a good option since prices in Copenhagen can be very steep and often people have to seek far away from the city centre and school to find affordable accommodation.

This article was published and written by Stefan Dam Andreasen, a member of the International Business Integration Union. IB Union consists of a group of students dedicated to helping students from abroad transition to life in Copenhagen. You can find out more about them at here or on the IB Union Facebook page.


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