How To: Get Yo Shit Back

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It’s happened to all of us. One night, you’re innocently out on the town having a good time when all of a sudden you realize you’ve lost your phone or some other valuable somewhere along the way. While normally this would be a major mood killer, rest assured that there is a procedure for getting your lost items back.

If you left something in a taxi, you can first try calling the company you rode with. The operator will be able to track and notify the cab driver of your unfortunate circumstances. While this can be done by giving the starting and end point of your trip, it’s easier to identify the cab by the tag number on the bottom of your receipt.

However, let’s say you’re really screwed and have no idea what cab company you were with. Protocol requires drivers to turn in any items they might have found in their vehicle by the end of their shift. This is then processed and sent to the Copenhagen Lost and Found. Located just a short train ride and walk away, the Lost and Found will help you find and give you back what you’re looking for granted that you come with a valid ID in hand.

The Lost and Found is also the first place you should check for anything lost in the metro or on the street.

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