The importance of Student Societies

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“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”. Our German friend hit the nail on the head when considering the importance of joining a student society. With more than 80 student societies, there is really no excuse to not find something that gets your juices flowing. In other words, the possibilities are, seemingly endless, whether it be finance or playing video games, CBS Student Societies offers many ways towards self development. Of course, the experiences that can be gained from these student organizations can differ from person-to-person. That being said, mine have been nothing but positive and ones that need to be shared.



My initial venture into student societies began with the internationally renowned organization, oikos, which is dedicated to spreading and promoting information about sustainable economics and management. At first, the potential of building a career involving sustainable management and perhaps making some positive change on the way drove me to join this organization. Despite this being an honorable life objective, it occurred to me that my real interests laid elsewhere. As we began our campaign to promote Green Week, the world of social media management and the desire to play around with words opened up new avenues for me. This newly found passion inevitably resulted in my joining in CBSLife as an Editor (which is now an open position). In my opinion, the lesson to learn from here, is that if one doesn’t take the first step, they’ll have no way to find out what inspires them.



Besides the subtle experience of discovering a new interest that might also be unique to me, there are many other benefits of joining a student organization. Perhaps the most obvious one being the gains attained from networking. For example, oikos has many volunteers both locally and internationally (side not: they also have meetups designed to meet members from other countries), and the bottom line is you never know which one of these many members will provide you with new opportunities in life. In my case, it landed me an internship at a well-known start-up in Copenhagen, that you may have heard of called Conferize. This thought leads me to address the next and perhaps THE most obvious perk of joining a student organization, which is…



In my case, student organizations have definitely helped to build my career, whether it be the building of my portfolio of articles, or the landing of an internship, the benefits are without a doubt evident. When considering the average CBS student, the first and to some the most important factor that comes to mind when choosing a student organization are the beneficial and valuable additions they can add to their CVs. My two cents on this train of thought is that, it is important to approach the joining of an organization objectively, but the first and foremost aspect to consider is to join the one where you get a certain feeling of belonging and where you can develop yourself the most while having fun.


To sum it all up, joining an student society is different for everyone. My ultimate advice is to look critically at what your interests are, and as Yoda would say “Let your feelings guide you“. If this article has convinced you of the endless benefits and possibilities associated with joining a student organization, then I would recommend following the LINK to a list of all the societies and what they offer.

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