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The International House is a relatively new public-private partnership which is trying to be a community centre for expats coming to Copenhagen. CBS itself has a selection of offices, clubs and events to help students coming from other countries but it’s important to note that they aren’t the only resources available to international students. The International House is a good place to look if what CBS offers is inconvenient for you or even if you just want to try to get engaged in a group of people who don’t study the same number of supply and demand charts as you do.

The International House started in 2013 and is closely integrated with the municipality of Copenhagen. It is a public private-partnership of a group of organizations working together in the same building. According to Jeppe Hansen Jacobsen, strategy assistant for the international house, the original idea was, “having an one-point entry for new citizens in Copenhagen. Before opening International House, expats would have to visit several different offices around Copenhagen” .


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If you’re looking with help figuring out the danish bureaucratic system they have a variety of services for you. They can help you plough through the paperwork for registering, getting your CPR or your SKAT card, and all the other things it takes to convince the Danish government you exist. They can also help point you in the right direction in terms of other resources that can help you with this.

They also have services to lend a hand on the less menial parts of living in Copenhagen. They have a couple organizations that can help with getting a job in Copenhagen. Many of them are specifically aimed at internationals so they have a more nuanced understanding than the CBS career centre of the difficulties involved in breaking into the danish job market.

One of the other things they do to try to get internationals integrated, is to show how to get evolved in activities, events and groups around the city. CBS has it’s fair share of things to do,(check out our CBS This Week post for proof). but it’s also good to get out of our bubble sometimes. The International house is a good doorway to finding out what’s outside of it. They provide orientation on what you can do in this area, and occasionally arrange events of their own. They organized 18 different events last year and are only expanding. So if you are looking for for any help with adjusting, acclimatizing or settling in check them out.


International House
Københavns Kommune
Gyldenløvesgade 11, 3. sal
1600 København V



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