An interview with Alex Vargas – Northside Festival 2016

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Via: Thorsten Iversen

The Danish soul and pop musician, Alex Vargas, was performing at Northside Festival 2016. His calm voice together with his guitar is a winning combination, and it shows in the hit lists! His music – with a little help from the singles “Shackled Up” and “Solid Ground” - has accumulated more than 403,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 40,000 followers on his Facebook fan page.

After his impressive performance on BLUE STAGE at Northside Festival, I tapped him on the shoulders to have a little talk with him about his music and thoughts on fashion.

What are you wearing for your next performance?

I’m wearing a basic white t-shirt, some clean-wash black jeans and a golden necklace.

Why did you choose to wear this particular outfit for this performance?

I do think about what I’m wearing when I go on a stage, but it is usually the quite similar; it’s only black and white that I wear. Well no, I do have a grey t-shirt that I wear on  stage sometimes, but that’s as far as the shades go.

Your style is outwardly dark, minimalistic accessorized with jewelries to add a unique touch. How do you choose your accessories?

I don’t really think about my piercings anymore, ‘cause I’ve had them for so long. But I guess that’s definitely a part of my look. And it’s quite funny that I have been wearing my necklaces for so long that I feel quite naked without something around my neck. I wear this one now, because I lost my previous one. So, I stole this one from my girlfriend (laughing)- just to have something around my neck.

In terms of your music-  who and what is your main source of inspiration?

With music it’s quite a wide variety. It always goes through phases. I’m listening to a fair bit of hip hop and alternative urban at the moment. Currently it’s Jessi Boykins III and Anderson Paak that are sort of a soundtrack to my everyday.

Back then, what sort of music did you get inspired by when you started creating music?

Well, I grew up with a father who was a musician. So that had a quite big influence on me and when I first started out, I was listening to a lot of 70’s rock ‘n roll. A lot of Beatles and Stones that came later on. But then soul music played a huge part as well. Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder are sort of two pillars in my musical universe.

 Since your father inspired you, what kind of music did your father play?

My dad was a rock ‘n roll musician. Well, he hasn’t played for a while, but I think he is about to pick it back up. People should look out for that because even at nearly 50 he’s got a singing voice that you wouldn’t believe.

With Alex Vargas’ breathtaking singles and his EP, “Giving Up The Ghost” in his pocket, his career is definitely on the way to being something BIG to look out for.



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