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Computers were created to better society and facilitate our lives, yet paper jams and connection errors still occur regularly at CBS. To help you configure your way around the CBS system, here are some basic tips and how tos to make the most of your tech experience at CBS.

Resetting Your Password

We’ve all tried it. When working hard on an assignment or trying to update Facebook during class, the internet suddenly stops working – the password has expired! Instead of consulting the IT-department, you can actually reset it yourself.

Borrow your mate’s computer and log on to Put in your user name and your expired password to reset it. The new password applies to all of your CBS accounts including the internet, LEARN, E-Campus, and CBS-Calendar.

 Forwarding Your CBS Mail to a Private Account

I personally hate my CBS email account because it interferes with my hotmail. Since they both run on the same Microsoft platform it’s impossible to access both at once, and that can be pretty frustrating at times. Luckily there is a solution. You can set up your CBS email account to automatically forward your mails to your own personal email.

Once logged on to your CBS email, click on “Options” (top right corner) -> Inbox rules -> New. Under “When the message arrives” select “Apply to all messages” and under “Do the following” select “Redirect the message to” and put in your private email address. Click “OK” and “Save”.

Now you’ll never have to access your CBS-email again.

Access the Internet Without Always Logging In

From July 1st CBS-WLAN will be discontinued, so here’s an anticipatory workaround for you CBS-WLAN users: Use eduroam – it will keep you online and happy forever.

To do so either go to, install the file and run the little piece of software, or: Simply select eduroam in your wireless connections. When prompted, put in your username followed by and then enter your password. Afterwards, accept the security certificate and BANG you’re on!

The cool thing about eduroam is that you don’t have to log on to the internet every time you open your computer. With eduroam your computer automatically logs on whenever you are at CBS. It also works at the University of Copenhagen, RUC, ITU, DTU and several other reading rooms across Copenhagen.

Print Wirelessly From Anywhere

Every time an exam comes up, I hear complaints about how untrustworthy the printers are at CBS. The good news is that instead of using the school’s computer system you can use your own laptop and print wirelessly without ever touching the computers at CBS. Everything happens in cyberspace, even the payment.

To do this, follow the instructions on, download the drivers, setup your account, put money on your student card with your Dankort and you’re ready to go. You’ll never have to use the slow computers on campus again. Printers are conveniently located all over CBS and it’s cheap! (If you don’t own a Dankort simply drop by the CBS Student’s office at Solbjerg Plads and make a cash deposit.)

Hopefully this answers some of your most basic IT questions and concerns and makes your day a little bit simpler. If you have any more questions, feel free to stop by the information desk. They are always willing to help.

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