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The post of this week is about jewelry, which for me is the most essential item to complete an outfit. The trend right now dictates both large and small jewelry, depending on your person. I mostly prefer the smaller jewelry and preferably in silver, because it brings forth the darker colors, which I prefer wearing during the Winter. In the following, you will be presented with some of my own favorites, and afterwards some of the jewelry spotted on trendy CBS-students throughout the week:

RingeB1The ring on the middlefinger, is a recent purchase of mine, and from the brand: “Carré”, which is a brand with a widespread focus group, meaning that you will be presented to both cheap and extremely expensive jewelry. The two other rings are from respectively ”Beathouse” (the one closest to the palm), and “Jane Kønig”. “Beathouse” is a store in Copenhagen, which sells vintage jewelry from across borders at competitive prices. “Jane Kønig” on the other hand is pricier, but a proud Danish brand, which only uses the best materials for their gorgeous jewelry.




Skærmbillede 2014-01-23 kl. 12.20.43

Starting from the left, (we have) the very charismatic Danish brand, “BeChristensen”. Their vision is making sort of classical jewelry, made from leather and silver threads. This brand is a favorite of mine, because it simply goes well with everything. The watch is from “Casio”, and is a cheap alternative to the extremely expensive brands, such as Rolex, Omega and Breitling, it is a couple of years old, but it is not impossible to get a hold of something similar from their website or numerous Danish boutiques. The last piece is a sterling silver bracelet, from “Pico”.



Skærmbillede 2014-01-23 kl. 12.21.45

This ring is an example of the incredible designs of “Jane Kønig”. The ring is made of rhodium silver, and is available at their online webshop for 500,- DKK.




Skærmbillede 2014-01-23 kl. 12.21.06

The final piece of mine, which I would like to recommend looking further into, is this necklace. It is, once again a piece from “Jane Kønig”. This one is available in both their webshop and their boutique in Copenhagen in a lot of different materials, among others in gold, rhodium silver, and sterling silver. The necklace obviously has different price tags depending on the material and length.

I paid 650,- DKK for my piece, but I am planning to add a couple of lovetags, which approximately costs 300,- DKK each.

Amazing pieces spotted on campus:

PigerandomringeB1These rings were spotted on a girl at Kilen. She mentioned that the rings were from “& other stories” and “Julie Sandlau”. The price level in “& other stories” is usually around 300,- DKK for three rings, meanwhile “Julie Sandlau” is a bit more expensive. In my opinion, the rings go very well together with their equally discrete appearance. Also after having a look closer, you will definitely acknowledge their high quality, which is why I must highly recommend having a look into especially “& other stories” on Strøget.





Skærmbillede 2014-01-23 kl. 12.21.24

The rings shown in the picture on the right are from Pandora and Norr. Pandora is a well known brand in Denmark, and it’s possible to buy the brand in most jewelry stores. Pandora has jewelry in all kinds of price ranges, from cheap to expensive. Norr is a store with a wide range off stuff, from nice jewelry to luxurious clothing.




This classic and feminine watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs is the perfect choice for everyone who cannot afford the luxurious and very exclusive watches from Rolex etc. Marc Jacobs has high quality watches at very fair prices and with the wide selection there is something for everyone.

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3 Comments to “Jewelry spotted at CBS”
  • Louise Nilstrøm
    January 24, 2014 - Reply

    Ej mega god artikel Cathrine! Nu kender jeg dig ikke personligt, men du virker virkelig dygtig. Mere af det tak!
    Har hørt at Christian Wederking har været inde over og lavet oversættelsesarbejdet? Er den god nok?


    Super awesome article Cathrine! Though I don’t know you personally, I think you are extremely talented. MORE PLZ!
    BTW, I’ve heard that Christian Wederking did the translation job, is that true? I think he deserves some credit if that’s the case.

    • Simon Staunsbæk
      February 3, 2014 - Reply

      Virkelig god artikel Cathrine! Synes dog oversættelsearbejdet er i en kategori for sig. Der er godt nok tale om høje engelske færdigheder hos denne “Christian Wederking”, som der er tale om. Nu skal du høre, jeg går på den nye linje (Altså HA(Arbejdsgiver) som den hedder – mange tror den hedder HA(arbejdsløs) men det er blot en misforståelse.) Hvis du lige gider sende Christian Wederking min retning, skulle jeg mene at have en ledig stilling til ham med tårnhøj løn..

      Simon ‘Iværksætteren’ Staunsbæk

      • Den rigtige Simon Staunsbæk
        February 4, 2014 - Reply

        Ovenstående kommentar er lavet af Andreas Hansen. Dette er tydeligt allerede efter første sætning, hvor første forkerte formulering forekommer. Her er ordet “dog” malplaceret. “Dog” insinuerer noget der modsiger den første præmis, imidlertid underbygger det efterfølgende den første præmis. Således ville undertegnede aldrig formulere sig, det ville derimod Andreas Hansen.

        Godt forsøgt Andreas Hansen ;)

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